Episode 339

Australian Air Date: 29th June 1989
UK Air Date: 5th June 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Julian McSwiney

Roo makes plans for her future, and Dodge rids the Fletcher House of an unwanted guest.

Final episode. Agreed to start life afresh with Roo in the city.
Final episode. Agreed to start life afresh with Frank in the city.
Local who asked Ailsa how life was with new-born Duncan.

Extended Summary

Dodge calls Sally a squirt and Sally hates it. Dodge gives Sally a hard time about Milko again. Pippa tell them to stop.

Frank and Roo talks in the city in a big garden. Roo say they can give a relationship a go but not rush into anything. Roo explains to Alf that Bobby isn’t angry with them anymore. Roo tell Frank she will move in at Barbara’s house in the city.

Dodge and Steven is out is out fishing.

Ailsa is in Alf’s store with Duncan and talks to Alf. They talk to a woman called Joan in there. They talk about children etc. (Same actress played role as Margaret Lynch – a teacher in 1991 episodes)

Pippa is getting a bit worried since Sally is talking to Milko a lot again which she stopped doing originally a long time ago. She thinks Sally talks to Milko when she is worried or upset.

Tom and Pippa think it can be a bit out of the ordinary for a 9 year old to have an imaginary friend.

Tom and Pippa phone Miss Moiloy to get professional advice on Sally’s imaginary friend.

Sally has taken patches from Dodge’s jacket. He gets very angry with her and says that she destroyed his jacket.

Sally defends it by saying that Milko wanted the patches. Dodge chases Sally around the kitchen table and Sally get very scared and hide behind Pippa. Sally screams she hates Dodge.

Pippa tell Dodge that they will get professional help to get rid of Milko. Dodge is still very angry with Sally.

Adam buys heaps of food in Alf’s store. He is going to be sailing to Queensland to the Barrier Reefs in his yacht.

Tom tell Dodge and Steven he will go with them on their next camping trip which isn’t exactly what they planned since they planned to go to the city to party and have fun like they did on the last “camping trip”!

Sally was over at Lance’s place to check if he is ok. She woke him up since he was sleeping. She is worried a lot lately if people are ok. It started after Tom and Alf went missing.

Pippa fixes Dodge’s jacket and Dodge thanks her for it.

Roo will move to the city to live with Barbara. She say goodbye to Alf and Ailsa.

Dodge will try to get Sally to forget about Milko and admit he doesn’t exist. He says that Milko is his friend now and that Milko don’t like Sally anymore. She gets very upset. Dodge and Sally scream to each other until Sally starts crying and admit that Milko don’t exist and that he is just made up.

Dodge think he have done Tom and Pippa a favour by making Milko disappear but they are angry at Dodge for they way he did it to Sally.

Ailsa get a nervous breakdown when Duncan scream like crazy after she just got him to stop crying.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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