Episode 338

Australian Air Date: 28th June 1989
UK Air Date: 4th June 1990
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Julian McSwiney

Morag displays a rare spark of human compassion, and Roo is forced to make a decision.

Return episode, last seen in #335. Was visited in the city by a confused Roo.
First episode. Craft schemer who drifted into the Bay on his yacht, pretending to be a wealthy businessman.
Third appearance, last seen in #337. Continued his taunts at a defenceless Roo.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #337. Continued his taunts at a defenceless Roo.

Extended Summary

Carly tell Bobby that she have split up with Andrew.

Revhead and his mates continue to give Roo a hard time when she was on her way home from work.

Roo is very shocked and scared. She nearly got sexually abused. Carly and Bobby walks by and see it. They make them stop hassling Roo.

Adam Cameron turn up in his first appearance and helps Bobby, Carly and Roo to stop Revhead and his mates from giving them a hard time. And Adam drives away in Revhead’s car since Revhead left the keys in it! Revhead is upset.

Andrew tell Stacey that Carly have broken off their engagement. Andrew thinks Carly will get back with him if he gives her some space.

Carly and Bobby takes Roo home to Fisher’s house. They give Roo a brandy to calm her nerves down a bit since she is shocked about what happened. Roo wants them to call the police but Bobby say it won’t help since they have no real proof of what happened. They are curious who the guy is that helped them and took off in Revhead’s car (Adam Cameron).

Marilyn, Lance and Colleen have dinner at Lance’s place. Marilyn explains to Colleen about her upbringing with no parents etc and that Marilyn has lived in an orphanage when she grew up. Colleen thinks it is very sad. Colleen thinks Marilyn is very nice as a person. (Emotional music)

Roo don’t tell Alf about what happened when she got hassled by Revhead and his mates.

Roo say to Alf that she wants to move to the city and be in relationship with Frank.

Bobby said it was ok that Roo wants to move to the city and be together with Frank. Carly and Roo was very surprised that Bobby was ok with it.

Alf doesn’t think that Roo should move to the city. Morag think it would be good for Roo to move to the city with Frank.

Stacey told Carly that Andrew is hoping she will get back with him later on.

Carly tell Andrew it’s not going to happen and Carly explain that it is definitely over between them. Andrew takes it pretty hard and is very hurt. He talks to Stacey about it.

Bobby talks to Adam in Diner. Bobby thanks him for what he did. They talk and get on ok.

Alf comes to Roo’s office. Alf say that Morag made him see different of Roo’s situation and about why she want to move to the city and be together with Frank. Roo thanks Morag and they make up.

Roo is in the city outside Frank’s new job at Macklin head office. She phones to his car phone from across the street!

Ola Carlsson, 1999