Episode 2752

Australian Air Date: 23rd November 1999

Tom gets in to a fight at the school dance. Judith falsely accuses Gypsy of trying to sabotage Rosemary’s speech. Ken makes a move on Irene.

Second appearance, last seen in #2738. Attended the Year 12 break-up party.
Hoon who attended the Year 12 break-up party.
Hoon who attended the Year 12 break-up party.

Extended Summary

Vinnie talks to Justine about a portfolio for her acting career. Tom sees them and thinks Justine has got back together with Vinnie.

Hayley is disappointed now that Sam has decided not to come to the school dance at all.

Colleen continues to be a nuisance to the Nashes.

Judith gets Edward to be doorman for the dance.

Gypsy gets her photos back.

Everyone is getting ready for the dance. Hayley goes to see Sam to see if he’s changed his mind about coming.

Some kids from Yabbie Creek come. They get sent away, but Edward tells them if they come back later, he’ll let them in.

Ken drops around to Irene’s place when the kids are at the dance.

The gatecrashers come back. Edward lets them in. People wonder how they got in.

Natalie finally shouts at Colleen because she’s been treating them like slaves.

A bottle of beer is found at the dance.

Will visits Sam to try to apologise. Will has to leave though because he has to make a speech since he’s the new school captain.

Tom starts a fight when Justine dances with one of the Yabbie Creek guys. Vinnie snaps a photo.

Will arrives back at the dance. Now the speeches can start.

Irene is tired. She tells Ken that he has the wrong idea about the two of them.

During the speeches at the school dance, the electricity goes out. Judith blames Gypsy. Vinnie comes out of his room and tells everyone he pulled out the wrong plug for his computer. Judith looks like an idiot. Edward tells his mum she should make a public apology.

Hayley dances with Mitch. Sam comes in and sees them.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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