Episode 2751

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 1999

Vinnie tries to impress the ladies under the guise of being a celebrity photographer. Colleen is playing the invalid role, driving the Nash household crazy. Hayley and Will have an unexpected visitor…

Return episode, last seen in #2625. Moved permanently to the Bay to resume his relationship with Irene.
Told Vinnie to rack off after his suggestion of photo snaps.
Bimbo who fell for Vinnie’s charade as a paparazzi photographer.

Extended Summary

Vinnie is on the beach with his camera asking people if they want their photo taken (for a price!)

Hayley and Will are also on the beach talking about the go-kart accident when their father, Ken, turns up. Hayley is thrilled to see him but Will isn’t.

Vinnie talks a girl into doing some photographs but lies about how professional he is.

Ken stays for dinner at Irene’s house.

Mitch is setting up for the school dance in the surf club. Vinnie thinks about being the photographer for the dance.

Ken tells Irene about how he’s gone 6 months without alcohol. Will doesn’t want him there. Ken asks if he can stay in the spare room.

Colleen gets home from hospital and springs the news on everyone that Natalie has said she can stay, since she wouldn’t be able to look after herself at home.

In the diner, Vinnie is talking to the girl from the beach when Alf comes and tells her Vinnie is lying. She leaves.

Irene says no to Ken about the spare room because she doesn’t think Will and Hayley are ready for it.

Hayley visits Sam.

Colleen starts being a burden on everyone in the house since she can’t move out of the lounge chair.

Ken books a caravan. He says he’ll stay until he can make alternative arrangements (Irene’s house).

Gypsy and Vinnie have a photograph session together at the beach. Vinnie says they need different surrounding so they try a place in the forest near a creek.

Will finally says he’ll give Ken another chance.

Sam helps set up for the dance but can’t do anything because of his neck brace. Will makes fun of him when he tries to dance with Hayley. He leaves.

Vinnie takes pictures of Gypsy with Jesse’s stolen car in the background.

Will gets the key to his Dad’s caravan. He goes in there and starts looking through all of his Dad’s things. Then Ken walks through the door.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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