Episode 2750

Australian Air Date: 19th November 1999

Tom is hurt about Justine breaking up with him. Harry’s fianc̩ arrives in Summer Bay. Joel is growing suspicious about the goings on at the garage.

Seventeenth appearance, last seen in #2723. Assisted Joel in the bungled bust at Jesse’s garage.
Delivered Harry’s belongings from the US.

Extended Summary

Justine talks to Natalie about her break-up with Tom.

Joel goes to Jesse’s garage to book his car in for a tune-up. Joel keeps his eye on the covered-up (stolen) car.

Harry’s belongings arrive back from storage. Harry isn’t home.

Mick comes into the garage to see Jesse about the car. When Jesse tells him that Joel might suspect something and that Sally knows about the stolen cars, he gets angry.

Shauna goes through the box with Harry’s things in it. She sees some photos of Harry with his fianc

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