Episode 3028

Australian Air Date: 18th April 2001

Is Hayley and Noah’s fairytale romance over? Nick meets a ghost. Brodie finally stands up to Alex. Duncan and Alf sort things out.

Return appearance, last seen as a ghost in #2960. Appeared as a ghost in one of Nick’s dreams whilst he had runaway from Irene’s to sleep in Ken’s old garage.

Extended Summary

Alf’s been humbled by Duncan’s fear of him. Duncan admitted he’s worried things will go back to they way they were before Ailsa’s death. Alf angrily broke up a fight between Alex and Noah. Alf didn’t realise things were so bad for Duncan and has been trying to spend time with him. At least this time Alf is trying unlike before.
Colleen told Alf about Leah’s pregnancy and he seemed happy for Vinnie and Leah. Everyone is surprised that Vinnie has finally settled down!

Noah’s tried apologising to Hayley for his behaviour. She isn’t listening, even though Irene’s told her it’s not completely Noah’s fault. She doesn’t believe Irene or Noah. Irene thinks its just as much Skye’s fault as it is Noah’s. Unfortunately Skye hasn’t been around to apologise.

Nick came home. He was feeling guilty about taking the money and Will’s comments about him being a thief didn’t help. He slept at the garage and dreamt Ken told him to go home and talk it over with Irene. So Nick talked to Irene and isn’t feeling to guilty any more.

Brodie told Alex what she really thinks of Skye and his infatuation with her. Dani’s told Brodie not to be a doormat any more, so she let off some steam when Alex came to get some advice. Alex was quite confused, asking Brodie if they were still friends. Brodie said of course they were, and that’s why he shouldn’t mind her telling him the truth.

Leah has been trying to talk to Vinnie about Skye but he’s not doing anything about it. So Skye and Alex continue to argue. It seems if it were not for Skye, there wouldn’t be so many unhappy faces around Summer Bay.

Erin Flannery