Episode 675

Australian Air Date: 26th November 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Mark Piper

Adam is grabbed by the long arm of the law. Meanwhile, Steven is unable to resist the urge to visit Jennifer.

Extended Summary

Marilyn talks to Fisher in Alf’s store. She is very excited that it is Christmas very soon. Fisher isn’t so excited about it.

Alf comes in and notice there is decorations all over his shop. He is angry since Marilyn used the decorations that were from his stock to sell! He tells her to take it down. Marilyn is sad.

Fisher gives Alf an idea that it might be good for business to have all the decorations up. Alf tell Marilyn that she can take down only half of it!

Sally talks to Pippa about the Christmas decorations. She thinks some of it is too old. Pippa say it will do for this year. Ben says it is old and antique and that means traditional.

Michael comes by. Sally wants him to come over tomorrow for an early Christmas party tomorrow night.

Pippa is ok with that. Michael is very grateful.

Sally tell Pippa that she think Michael is nice. Pippa agrees.

Pippa ask Steven about the card he got. He says it was just from an old school friend.

Pippa, Ben and Sally get the Christmas tree decorated.

Adam tells Bobby he will give her a tree as well. Adam asks Matt if he can borrow the car again to pick up more trees.

Matt say definitely no mainly because Adam left the cleaning of his car last time to Matt even though Adam said he would do the cleaning.

Adam comes up with another idea and asks Alf if he can borrow his car to pick up a present. Alf say no. Marilyn thinks it is unfair. She has a speech about it. After a while Alf give up and lends Adam the car. After Adam have left Alf says: “Flamin’ Christmas”!

Ben, Pippa and Sally have finished decorating the Christmas tree. Sally ends it with putting the top decorations on top of the tree. It is a decoration looking like an angel.

Sally wants to try the lights on the tree to see if all works. Ben says you can’t turn the lights on until the time is right.

Adam comes by and asks Steven if he can give him a hand for half an hour. Adam have borrowed Alf’s car.

They come to the state forest. Steven is worried they will get caught since it is illegal to takes trees from there.

Adam convinces Steven it is nothing to worry about!

Michael brings over new tinsel decorations for Sally to have on the tree. He tells that to Ben and Pippa. They feel he shouldn’t have bought it for her.

Michael talks to Pippa. He makes sure he is still welcome to the early Christmas party tomorrow. Pippa say he is more than welcome.

Adam and Steven collect a lot of trees. When they leave, a guy sees them taking the trees. The guy watched through a binocular.

Adam turns up at Fisher’s house and gives Bobby a big Christmas tree. Bobby is excited.

Steven is with Adam. Fisher is at home and sees the tree too.

Adam gives Alf a tree too and drags it into his store no matter what!! Adam suggests Alf can buy trees from him and sell to his customers. Alf is ok with that.

Steven tells Pippa about the illegal trees. She doesn’t like it really. Steven says they are lucky they didn’t get caught when they took the trees. Pippa goes up for a long hot bath.

Steven is alone in living room and will phone Jennifer in the city. Just when he phoned, Ben and Carly comes in. He put the phone down and got scared. He didn’t get to talk to Jennifer.

A guy from the state forest turns up at Alf’s store. He notices the tree outside his store too.

He have written down Alf’s registration number (OPZ 355) from when he saw Adam and Steven using Alf’s car to steal the trees. The guy explains that there will be a charge against Alf!

Alf are angry with Adam and comes to beach house with the state forest guy and ask Marilyn where Adam is. Adam is out.

Pippa talks to Ben about Michael. Pippa make it clear that she is a friend only with Michael. But Ben notice that Pippa seems to care more about Michael than she is letting on.

Adam sells a Christmas tree outside Alf’s store since he has collected more trees that he should sell to Alf.

Alf comes by with the guy from state forest. Adam gets very worried.

Fisher and Bobby find out the trees were taken from state forest. Fisher feels bad about it.

Steven has got his driver’s license. Bobby and him are excited about it.

They tell Fisher about it.

Early Christmas party starts at Pippa’s house. A lot of people are there. Sally is worried if all the lights will work on the tree. Ben is confident they will work!

(People at party: Pippa, Matt, Adam, Marilyn, Bobby, Alf, Fisher, Michael and lots more).

Ben holds a speech before the lights will be turned on at the tree.

After a short speech from Sally, she turns on the lights. (She is a bit shy at this moment). Ben tricked Sally at first so the lights didn’t go on at first for some seconds! Ben was just teasing Sally! The lights work ok.

Sally starts singing “Silent Night”. Rest of people sings along with her.

Steven is in Bobby’s car near the Fletchers house and sits in it. He drives away in the car!

He was just supposed to get Bobby and Fisher there, which they are, and then park car and make a later entrance to surprise people that he got his license but it looks as if he have other plans.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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