Episode 676

Australian Air Date: 27th November 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Michael Sergi

Steven makes a surprisingly mature decision. Ailsa is concerned about Blake’s behaviour.

Extended Summary

Pippa talks to Bobby and Carly about where Steven is. She is worried. They know he is in Bobby’s car somewhere. Michael is there and helps them out with the washing up. He think Steven just have gone out cruising around or something in the car.

Steven drives in darkness and look at Jennifer’s Christmas card he got. He notices the car is low on fuel and he have no money for anymore. (Emotional music)

He phones home from a phone booth and speaks to Pippa. She is relieved to hear that he is ok. He can’t say where he is. He wants to speak to Ben. Steven asks Ben to drive and meet him at a road. He explains to Ben. He makes sure Ben doesn’t tell the others where he is.

Ben drives to Steven and talks to him in Bobby’s car. Steven explains he needs to get to the city to see Jennifer.

Ben thinks it is a bad idea and that Jennifer only sent the card as a friend and nothing more.

Steven wants them to switch cars so Steven can get to the city. Ben talks him around so they will go to the city tomorrow instead.

Blake tells Ailsa while he is working in Diner that he thinks Christmas sucks. Patricia talks to him in the Diner. Blake doesn’t want to talk to her about his problems.

Steven and Ben drives home in separate cars.

Steven comes home first. Pippa, Carly and Bobby try to get him to explain where he was. He says he was just out driving.

Steven goes upstairs.

Ben comes home. He have filled Bobby’s car with petrol, full tank. Ben tells them he will take Steven to the city tomorrow. They are curious why. Ben says it is personal to Steven and that he will tell them when he is ready.

Ailsa talks to Blake. She wants to know what is worrying Blake. She goes on about it. Blake gets annoyed and say he doesn’t want her help.

Next day, Steven has dressed up and is ready to go to the city. Pippa talks to him. It seem she had talked to Ben and that he explained about Jennifer. Pippa are worried Steven will get hurt. Ben and Steven leave for the city.

Ailsa talks to Blake again. She wants him to explain what is wrong. He is very tired of it. He explains Ailsa can’t help him even if she wants to.

Carly talks to Pippa about the Christmas day is soon here. She feels bad that Michael and Haydn will be celebrating Christmas in their caravan only. Pippa understand what she means but she wants the Christmas to be just for the closest family as usual.

Ailsa hear from Pippa that Sally said she saw Blake earlier in church and that he was crying and that Patricia had talked to him.

Ailsa get very curious. She phones Fisher.

Steven and Ben arrive near Jennifer’s house in the city. Steven waits a long time in car and is thinking what to do. (Emotional music)

Pippa will make Michael a Christmas pudding. He talks to her a lot that she doesn’t really have to if she doesn’t want to. (Carly put Pippa on the spot earlier about it and she sort of had to say yes whether she liked to or not).

She convinces Michael that she will enjoy making him a pudding. Pippa and Michael seem to like each other more and more.

Ben and Steven sit in car a long time and Steven are thinking of what to do if he should speak to Jennifer or not.

After a lot of thinking Steven decides he won’t speak to her and respect her decision. He knows she won’t be involved with him.

He thought of something Tom used to say to Steven. Steven is ok with going home without speaking to her and accepts that she only wants to be friends with him. (Music plays)

Steven insists he will drive home. Ben let him after persuasion.

Carly and Bobby talks to Pippa if Michael will be over for Christmas at Pippa’s house. Pippa don’t like the idea sort of. She admits she likes Michael and it will be awkward if he is there on Christmas. Pippa misses Tom. Bobby and Carly convinces Pippa that Tom wouldn’t like her to stay single for rest of her life. Pippa agree with that.

Pippa will maybe invite Michael for Christmas lunch.

Steven and Ben come home. Steven explains to Pippa that he didn’t go in and talked to Jennifer. He says he is pretty ok with it anyway.

Pippa invites Michael and Haydn over for Christmas lunch. Michael is happy for that and thanks her for it.

Blake comes home from school. Ailsa talks to him. She explain she know he was in church and feel that he can’t be forgiven for something he have done. She wants him to tell him what is wrong and what he has done.

Blake gets angry with Patricia for telling Ailsa that truth. Blake is in a bad mood. Ailsa beg him to tell her what is the problem.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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