Episode 677

Australian Air Date: 28th November 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Michael Sergi

Ernie Jacobs decides to sell the beach house and Blake takes his first step towards recovery.

Return episode, last seen in #571. Put the Beach House on the market.

Extended Summary

Marilyn and Adam talks about Christmas and they have put up a tree in the beach house. Marilyn is very excited about the whole thing.

Ailsa wants Blake to explain to her what is wrong. He is angry and says he can’t tell her and that is his own problem. He gets very offensive to Ailsa. Blake is also angry at Patricia for telling Ailsa about it.

Adam opens a present he got from Marilyn. It is a cheque to pay for his fine to the state forest. He is grateful about it.

Adam thinks things are great for him and Marilyn.

Just then they notice Ernie Jacobs is outside their house and are putting up a sign that the house is for sale!

Marilyn is upset. Ernie explains they are just renting the house and he can sell it if he wants to!

Sophie and Karen are in Alf’s store and talk about Haydn etc.

Blake comes in and is looking for Patricia. He is annoyed and is looking for her.

Karen has a fair idea what it is about.

Adam and Marilyn come in and explain to Alf that Ernie will be selling the beach house.

Alf give them the idea that they have the legal right to live in the house for the 12-month lease they have.

Marilyn is very happy about it and especially since they can now celebrate Christmas in the beach house as she wants to.

Ailsa talks to Alf about Blake’s problems and how he reacted when she asked him to explain to her.

They wonder what it is that is troubling Blake.

Sophie notice Blake is in a bad mood. She talks to him about what is wrong. He tells her that it is about his mum. He never got to say that he loved her before she died. And that he blames himself for her death. He says he killed her!

Sophie look worried.

Sophie talks it over with Blake on beach. Sophie says he can’t have killed his mum since she died of cancer.

He says he can’t talk about it.

Adam and Marilyn talk to Ernie Jacobs in Alf’s store while he is shopping there. They are happy and say they don’t have to move out since they signed a 12 months lease. Ernie says they shall read the contract more careful.

Adam reads it and realise they aren’t legally allowed to stay for whole 12 months if Ernie sell the house.

Marilyn and Adam are sad because of it naturally. Adam explains to Marilyn as once he sells the house they don’t have a lease anymore.

Adam thinks Marilyn should have read the contract better before signing it.

Sophie talked to Karen about why Blake thinks he killed his mum. Karen says it is nothing anyone can do about Blake’s problems at the moment. Patricia hears it too since Karen told her that Blake was looking for her and she hear Sophie and Karen’s conversation.

Karen tells Ailsa and Alf that she is worried about Blake and that he may need help to sort out his problem.

Blake sees Patricia at a road. She is trying to get her car to start as usual. He is angry with her. She explains she didn’t tell Ailsa. Blake realise that Sally told people about seeing him in church and understand that Patricia didn’t blab to Ailsa. Blake is angry anyway.

Patricia says she knows that he blames himself for his mum’s death and that he thinks he killed her.

Blake gets very angry. He calms down after a while and talks to Patricia and explains everything about his mum’s death.

Blake also explains about how much trouble he was in before that. He was stealing cars etc and ended up in a juvenile detention centre for 6 months. Blake’s mum was upset about it and very stressed out.

When he got out of detention centre she told him that she have cancer. Blake read all about it and finds that stress was the reason of the cancer. So Blake blames himself because of stressing her mum out by all the trouble he was in.

Karen explained to Alf and Ailsa about the detention centre etc. They are shocked about it and talks.

Patricia speaks more to Blake. She tries to get him to stop blaming himself for her death.

Blake still blames himself but he thanks Patricia for the talk. Blake helps her with the car.

Blake comes home. Ailsa explain she know he was in detention centre etc. Blame gets offensive since Karen told her but he is calm anyway. She explain she have also been in jail. Blake says he is sorry for being so angry lately.

He says he still can’t forgive himself but it is getting easier to live with. Ailsa and Blake hug. (Music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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