Episode 678

Australian Air Date: 29th November 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Michael Sergi

Haydn is unable to control his desire for Sophie and the life of Bobby’s baby is in danger.

Extended Summary

Steven and Blake talk on the beach. Blake has told him about his mum that is dead and how Ailsa was in jail etc and that he was in detention centre and all that. And Steven talks about how his parents died to. Blake is still convinced his mum’s cancer was his fault. Steven tries to convince Blake he can’t blame it on himself since people get cancer from all sort of things.

Fisher still fusses Bobby around so she will take it easy at home due to her pregnancy. She feel he might be a bit unnecessary fussy about it.

Michael comes over to Pippa’s house to pay the rent.

Fisher holds more Romeo and Juliet rehearsals before the show will start today. They are rehearsing in surf club with all costumes on. Blake is still jealous of Haydn and Sophie.

Ailsa ask how Steven’s talk with Blake went. Steven and Ailsa talks a bit about it.

Sophie and Haydn seem to start to like each other quite a bit.

Sophie tells Haydn not to kiss her for real in the play since things might get embarrassing. Haydn says ok to that.

Bobby had another cramp in her stomach. Fisher is worried. Bobby says it is nothing to worry about.

Marilyn talks to Alf about the problems with Ernie selling the beach house. Alf give her an idea to buy the beach house herself from the money she got as heritage from the old lady that died.

Before Romeo and Juliet play will start, Fisher holds speeches and hands out awards for most promising students etc.

A guy gets a prize and also Steven get a prize in sports as he did last year too.

And Sophie gets an award for her literacy problem she fought with good success a while ago.

All people cheer and applaud Sophie. Sophie holds a short speech and reads out what the award says: “Awarded to Sophie Simpson, December 1990 – The international year of literacy”.

Sophie thanks Grant Mitchell (who is away to help his sister, Kim, with her drug problem) for all the help she got from him with her literacy problems. She also thanks Fisher for it and her family of course.

Bobby phoned a doctor about her cramps. Doctor didn’t sound too concerned but still wants to check Bobby out tomorrow.

Bobby talks a bit to Matt about it.

Romeo and Juliet play are in full swing. When it reaches the kissing scenes between Romeo and Juliet, Haydn kisses Sophie for real and she are very surprised but seems to like it! The kissing goes on for a long time. People get a bit surprised.

Blake hates it. (Emotional music)

A rock band called “No Justice” plays in surf club also. People have a good time and dance.

Blake is angry with Sophie. Sophie get annoyed at Blake too and say that she couldn’t fight Haydn off in the middle of the play and therefore could not stop the kissing. Blake tells Sophie how angry he is at Haydn.

Karen tries to impress Haydn and ask him to dance. He says he has to get his make-up off first etc. He doesn’t seem to keen on the idea to dance with her.

Pippa and Michael come to Pippa’s house.

Michael and Pippa end up under mistletoe in Pippa’s kitchen. Michael kisses Pippa. She can’t handle it and they talk about it. She says it isn’t the right time since she is still troubled over Tom’s death.

“No Justice” plays more songs at surf club. Fisher seems to enjoy things as well a little bit!

Sophie wishes Fisher a merry Christmas and thanks for all the help with the play etc.

Haydn goes outside. Sophie comes after him and talks to him. She is angry since he kissed her for so long.

She thinks he only did it to get Blake angry (which he originally intended). Haydn says that wasn’t the reason. He really likes Sophie. And he is convinced she liked it as much as he did. He kisses her again. She kisses him back! (Emotional music). Karen sees it all and get very sad. Sophie and Haydn see her and get worried and Sophie feels very bad.

Michael talks to Pippa. He wants to know where he stands. She admits that she likes him. Michael is very understanding. He wants to know if he have a chance or not with her.

Marilyn tells Matt that she wants to buy the beach house. Just when Fisher comes there as well to the Diner, Bobby gets an extreme pain in her stomach. She cries and Fisher are shocked and grabs her. She screams out in pain. Fisher tells Matt to get the car ready to help him take her to hospital.

Ola Carlsson, 2000