Episode 679

Australian Air Date: 7th January 1991
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Michael Sergi

Donald Fisher must find a way to tell Bobby her baby is dead. Pippa begins to come to terms with her feelings for Michael.

Informed Fisher that Bobby’s baby had died.
Checked up on Bobby

Extended Summary

Karen is upset. Sophie talks to her in surf club during the party.

Sophie try to tell Karen that she are very sorry and that it was a mistake and that she won’t go near Haydn again.

Sophie says it is Blake that is the guy she really wants. Karen feels very hurt and angry about the whole thing.

Bobby is taken into hospital. Fisher is very worried about it. Bobby cries out in pain and it seem very serious.

Michael and Pippa continue to talk. She talks a bit about the past and Tom etc. Pippa don’t really want to talk about it since she needs to move on in her life.

Michael is very understanding. Pippa talks more about Tom and when they fell in love etc. They talk a lot.

Karen is outside surf club and talks to Haydn. She is very angry and cries too. Haydn admits he likes Sophie but he apologises for what happened. Haydn say he was only good friends with Karen and that he can’t help that she liked him more than just a friend. Karen is very upset.

Pippa talks more to Michael. Pippa explain that if she would get together with Michael he have to realise that Tom will sort of be there for a short while too since she can’t get over him so quick. Pippa still can’t really say if there will be a relationship between them.

Fisher phone Pippa and tell her that Bobby is in hospital. Fisher is extremely worried and can’t get anyone to tell him what is wrong. He begs Pippa to come down there. Pippa hurries to him. She explains to Michael first and then rushes off to hospital.

Haydn talks to Sophie outside surf club. Sophie say nothing have changed between her and Blake or between her and Haydn. Haydn is convinced Sophie likes him more that Blake even though Sophie does her best to convince Haydn otherwise.

Dancing at surf club continues all the time while band plays. Sophie talks to Karen again.

Sophie says she loves Blake and that she are very confused at about how she could kiss Haydn.

Sophie is worried if she will tell Blake. Karen say she won’t tell Blake now just for his sake.

Blake notices they are yelling at each other and are puzzled.

Pippa are in hospital and talks to Fisher. He explains about how much pain Bobby was in and all the misery she has been through in her life. Fisher cries and is very sad.

A doctor comes out and tells Fisher it is bad news. He explains that they lost the baby as a miscarriage.

Fisher and Pippa are very sad and ask how Bobby is. He explains Bobby is very weak and that she needs a good night’s rest before she finds out what have happened.

Doctor say there will be formalities such as burial, name registration etc. since the baby had reached 22 weeks.

Pippa will help Fisher with it.

Fisher tell doctor he will wait at hospital for Bobby to be waking up and also that Fisher will tell Bobby the bad news himself. (Emotional music).

Fisher wants to be alone for now and ask Pippa to leave. She understands and leaves.

Bobby lies in hospital bed and is sleeping. A nurse checked on her. Fisher sits in hospital and waits. (Emotional music)

At morning, Haydn talks to Sophie. She doesn’t want to talk about what is going on between them.

He asks if the kissing meant anything to her. She can’t really say that.

Alf are in hospital and Fisher wakes up. He was asleep in chair at hospital. They talk. Alf tell him that Bobby is still asleep.

Alf talks about when Roo had her baby prematurely etc.

After a while Alf tries to cheer Fisher up. (Music plays)

Pippa talks to Michael. She are ok with giving a relationship a go But Pippa say things will go very slow.

Michael is very understanding and happy about it. They will go out to restaurant together.

Blake tries to get Karen to own up why she is in such a bad mood over something. Karen doesn’t want to talk about it.

Sophie comes by to the Diner too. Karen goes out.

Sophie and Blake talk. He asks her why she is also acting strange. She says it is nothing. She asks him how he feels about her.

He say he love her. Sophie seem troubled

Fisher gets ready to talk to Bobby and tell her the news. Pippa talks to him a bit first and a doctor talks too him as well.

Fisher brings in white flowers (from Pippa) to Bobby. She is awake and suspect the baby didn’t survive. They talk a bit after he gave her the flowers. Fisher says the little one didn’t make it. She cries a lot and Fisher hold her hand. (Emotional music)

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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