Episode 680

Australian Air Date: 8th January 1991
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Michael Sergi

Marilyn’s plan to buy the beach house is foiled, but Alf has a solution. Sophie decides Haydn is the boy for her.

Return episode, last seen in #677. Informed Marilyn & Adam that he’d sold the Beach House.
Told Fisher that Bobby needed some rest.

Extended Summary

Marilyn talks to Adam in beach house. Marilyn will go and talk to a bank manager and try to get a loan to be able to buy the beach house. Adam thinks it is a bad idea since she will be in a lot of debt. She is convinced it is a good idea.

Fisher talks to Bobby about her baby that died. Bobby says she felt she knew it died.

Fisher leaves. Bobby cries and is very sad.

Fisher talks to Pippa in hospital. Bobby isn’t allowed to any more visits.

He is hungry and Pippa invites him over for dinner.

Sophie shoots pool in surf club. Haydn comes in and talks to her. He apologises to her for coming on too strong.

He says he is prepared to walk away for good if she really wants that. She seems like she doesn’t know what she wants.

Fisher eats dinner at Pippa’s house. Carly and Ben talks to him and Pippa. They talk about Bobby etc.

Fisher asks if Ben can help him to move out the baby furniture. Pippa think it will be too soon since she thinks Bobby need to come to terms with the death of her baby. Fisher thinks it will be good to get rid of the baby furniture anyway.

Ben and Fisher pack the baby stuff and will move it out. Fisher talks to Ben. Fisher can’t understand the reason why her baby had to die. He feel he might have lost believe in god.

He will keep some of the stuff in case it will be needed some time in the future.

Marilyn has been to the bank. She comes to Alf’s store with Alf and tells Adam that the bank manager thinks she will get the loan for the house. Marilyn is very excited.

They walk on beach and talks about how it will be to own the house herself.

Marilyn and Adam come to beach house and see Ernie Jacobs. He has sold the house and has put up a sign that says the house is sold. Marilyn and Adam find out someone else have bought the house before Marilyn had the chance.

Haydn and Sophie talk on beach. She explains how she feels and that she reckons they have blown all the fun it was supposed to be on the holidays with Blake and Karen.

Marilyn and Adam talk more to Ernie Jacobs. Ernie checks the house out. He finds stains and things that are a bit messed up with the house.

Fisher talks to Ben and drinks wine. Ben thinks he wants to have a baby with Carly now.

Fisher says these things with Bobby’s baby shouldn’t stop them even though things can go wrong.

Sophie and Haydn talk more in caravan park. She wants him not to say anything to anyone about them until she have talked to Blake. It looks as if Sophie will be together with Haydn.

Pippa visits Bobby in hospital and talks to her. Bobby explains how bad she feels about loosing the baby.

She cries a lot. (Emotional music plays)

Marilyn and Adam talk to Alf. Alf already heard from Ernie Jacobs that he have already sold the house to someone else.

They come up with an idea from Alf to offer more money on the beach house sale and thereby maybe getting the house for themselves.

Ben talks to Carly. He wants to have kids now. Carly think it is too soon and also are a bit upset that Ben talked to Fisher about it. They argue about having kids. Carly think it is too soon and don’t seem like she want to change her mind.

Fisher talks to Bobby in hospital again after Pippa have gone home. She find out that he have moved out the baby furniture. Bobby get a bit upset since she feels it is all she has left of the baby. Fisher says the things are only in the garage so things are ok again.

Sophie asks Carly some advice on how to tell Blake that she loves Haydn. Sophie feels it will be very hard to tell Blake since he will get very hurt of course.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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