Episode 681

Australian Air Date: 9th January 1991
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Carly and Ben’s attempts to resolve their argument are foiled. Blake is the last to know about Sophie’s relationship with Haydn.

Extended Summary

Ben and Carly talk. Carly seems a bit edgy to him since he want to have kids and she don’t want kids yet. Sophie asks Carly what is wrong. She says it is nothing.

Sophie is worried if she should dump Blake or not. She talks to Carly about it.

Carly talks to Ailsa about the problems with Ben. Ailsa suggest Carly should talk it over with Ben.

Sophie and Haydn is an item now and they kiss in his caravan. Blake still thinks things are ok with him and Sophie since she hasn’t told him about her and Haydn.

Sophie tells Haydn she will have to tell Blake before he find out from someone else.

She is very worried how Blake will take it.

Ben talks to Alf about that Carly don’t want to have kids before she are ready.

Matt comes into surf club and hears what they are talking about.

Carly ask Ailsa how Bobby is. Ailsa say she is ok physically but it will take a long time to get back emotionally of losing the baby.

Carly tell Ailsa that she will make Ben a surprise dinner and talk to him about having kids.

Ailsa think it is a good idea. Carly ask her for an advance on her salary.

Karen cleans windows on Alf’s store. Sophie is in store and talks to Blake. She tries to tell him that she will dump him. Sophie can’t say it. Karen notice it and talks to Sophie after Blake is gone. Karen tells Sophie she has to tell Blake very soon or Karen will tell him herself.

Ben talks to Matt and plans something special for Carly so they can discuss having kids in a more rational way without yelling and arguing (just as Carly planned).

Carly are in Alf’s store and are buying things for the special dinner for Ben. Ben comes in to buy things for his special dinner for Carly! They act innocent to each other since it all has to be a surprise.

Haydn talks to Sophie in Diner. She explains she hasn’t told Blake yet. He wants her to tell him now.

Sophie is worried on how to tell Blake.

Carly organises special dinner for her and Ben. Steven talks to her about it. Carly ask him a favour to ask Ben to come to help with something and Ben will be surprised when he see it is a dinner that Carly planned.

Ben talks to Matt and plans the special dinner for Carly. He also has plans for Matt to get Carly to the surprise!

Sophie talks to Blake in Alf’s house. She tries to tell him but he gave her flowers first and she couldn’t say it.

She talks to Haydn about it. Sophie says she has to pick the right moment. She promise to tell Blake tonight.

Haydn and Sophie kiss some more in Haydn’s caravan.

Matt comes to Carly and tells her (as part of Ben’s plan) that Ben is in surf club and has hurt his wrist! Carly get worried and hurries there.

Ben have organised dinner at surf club. Steven sees it and Ben act innocent and say it is Matt’s dinner for some special girl.

Steven put Carly’s part of the plan in action. Steven says it is some trouble with a guest at caravan park that try to crack onto Carly. Ben gets upset and hurries home!

Karen talks to Blake and she get the idea that Sophie already told him so she talks to him about it. He finds out what she is on about and get very angry.

Carly comes to surf club and notice the dinner table and empty surf club.

Ben is at home trying to find Carly. He notices the dinner table at the house and is puzzled.

Sophie talks to Haydn in caravan park. They kiss and Blake see it and come by and he punches Haydn down and then leaves.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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