Episode 682

Australian Air Date: 10th January 1991
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Michael Ailwood

Carly and Ben reach an understanding. Unresolved anger between Blake and Haydn bodes ill for the future.

Extended Summary

Sophie talks to Haydn. Haydn is upset since Blake punched him and he got a bruise on his face. Sophie realise Karen told Blake about her and Haydn.

Sophie doesn’t want Haydn to be angry with Blake and Karen since they are her friends.

Haydn and Sophie yell about it a bit but calms down. They kiss. (Emotional music plays)

Matt and Steven talk in the Diner. Steven talk about the special dinner Matt had organised for a girl as Ben told Steven. Matt and Steven are puzzled when they realise it was a set-up plan. They talk about it with Ailsa.

Carly sits at surf club and Ben sits at home.

Karen is angry with Blake for hitting Haydn. Blake is upset over Haydn and Sophie.

Karen asks Blake to go out to see a movie together. He isn’t interested.

He is upset at Karen for when she told him about Haydn and Sophie. Karen says it would have happened anyway since Sophie would have told him eventually.

Ben and Carly talk in caravan park. They talk about where they both have been.

They eat dinner at Pippa’s house. They talk about having kids.

Carly explain she isn’t ready to have kids yet since she want to feel a bit more free for the time being.

Ben can’t agree with that so they can’t agree on how it should be.

Carly explain the real reason she don’t feel she want to have kids yet is because she don’t know if she can take that responsibility. Ben is more understanding now when he knows the reason. They make up and are ok again.

Ben agrees to wait with having kids. (Music plays)

Sophie comes to Diner and Blake is there too. They talk. Blake is arrogant to her.

Sophie tries to explain what happened and that she want to stay friends with him. He isn’t happy about it and he hates the idea of Haydn and her together.

He is upset at Sophie. And Karen are angry with Sophie too since Sophie didn’t tell Blake before she accidentally did.

Karen yells at Sophie.

Sophie talks to Carly about the problems with Blake. And also the problems about her friendship with Karen.

Ailsa talks to Karen about the problems. Ailsa think she should apologise to Sophie.

Blake and Steven play pool in surf club and talks to Matt. Blake explains about how he decked Haydn and that he aren’t an item with Sophie anymore. Haydn comes into surf club. Blake is tense to him.

Karen talks to Sophie about the problems. Karen forgives Sophie and they get on great again.

Haydn plays pool with Blake and Steven. (Bluesy music plays)

Haydn wins. Blake hates that and is angry.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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