Episode 683

Australian Air Date: 14th January 1991
Writer: Greg Millin
Director: Michael Ailwood

Blake continues to play the martyr. Meanwhile, Sally’s rejection of Michael could prove to be a problem.

Extended Summary

Karen comes to the Diner and talks to Ailsa and say that she are friends again with Sophie.

She has trouble on how to tell Blake that she is a friend with Sophie again.

After a while Karen comes home and tell Blake about it. Blake gets angry.

Fisher tell Ailsa that Bobby are a lot better now and maybe can come home tomorrow from hospital.

Bobby is looking forward to coming home.

Ailsa ask Pippa how things are going with Michael. Pippa admit she likes him and that they will go out to a restaurant together but she will take things very slowly in their relationship to see how things work out.

Pippa talks to Carly. They check out Floss and Neville’s old caravan home. Pippa will have to get rid of it to get space for two new caravans. Michael is there too and talks to them.

Pippa feel it is a lot of memories connected with that old caravan but she need the space for the new vans.

Michael comes up with an idea that she can sell it. She thinks it is a good idea.

Sally talks to Pippa about Floss and Neville’s old caravan. Sally feels it is a bad thing to get rid of it.

Michael talks to Pippa. They will soon go to a restaurant together.

Sally talks to Carly about Michael and Pippa. Sally seems disturbed that Michael seems to be Pippa’s new boyfriend.

Sally pretends it doesn’t bother her but it is obvious it does.

Pippa phones a friend called Peter that have a kids-home and could maybe use the old caravan. He is interested but have trouble to collect the caravan since he don’t have time at the moment. Michael suggests he and Pippa drive it to him instead.

Pippa say it is a long way but seems to think it is a good idea. She is worried since it is so old and hasn’t been used for a long time. Michael says he and Ben can check the caravan out first.

Carly tells Pippa that Sally are worried that she will marry Michael. Pippa are worried and thought something like this would happen. (Emotional music)

Fisher and Ailsa come to his house with Bobby. She is home from hospital now. Bobby is in a bit of a bad mood.

Fisher is constantly worrying about how she is.

Fisher notices a baby book on the table and he covers it with a newspaper so Bobby won’t get upset. Bobby gets annoyed when he notices that he did that.

Bobby explains that she will deal with the death of her baby but don’t want anyone to pretend it didn’t happen.

Ailsa talks to Carly about how Bobby reacted. Ailsa are a bit worried of her reactions.

Bobby is sorting out baby clothes at Fisher’s house. She will give things back that she got as presents for the baby.

Fisher talks to her. He thinks it is a bad idea not to keep the things. Bobby gets annoyed and says she will give the things back no matter what. (Music plays)

Karen is fixing a wheel on a bicycle that she found in garage. She is fixing the bike in Alf’s kitchen! Blake talks to her. She wants help but he won’t give her help.

Karen talks to Blake about old memories when they were kids and about their mum and also about things they had as kids etc.

Blake is still in a bad mood.

When Michael have left Pippa’s house for the time being, Pippa talks to Sally. Sally is in a sad mood.

Pippa talks to her about Michael. Pippa ask Sally if she wants to come along with them to deliver the caravan to her friend that were interested in that old caravan. Sally doesn’t want to go with them. (Music plays)

Fisher talks to Bobby. He knows she will get rid of the clothes and stuff that was meant for her baby to avoid having to deal with her grief of her dead baby. She denies it. Fisher knows he hasn’t dealt with the grief himself either and it is perfectly natural for the time being. Bobby is determined how she feels and believes she is doing the right thing.

Bobby looks at the blanket Sally made for the baby and starts crying. (Emotional music)

Karen is out trying out the bike that she fixed. Blake sees her. Karen falls off the road deliberately. She laughs about it but Blake got worried in case she hurt herself. Karen got Blake to smile at least and is happy about that.

Blake is a bit more ok that she is a friend again with Sophie.

Fisher talks to Ailsa about the trouble Bobby are going through dealing with the death of her baby.

Pippa talks to Carly about Sally’s trouble with Michael. Ben and Michael have checked the caravan home out and it is in good shape now.

Bobby tells Fisher he was right and she admits she can’t cope with the death of her baby.

Pippa talks to Michael about Sally’s problems with their relationship. They say they will have to work it through somehow.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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