Episode 684

Australian Air Date: 15th January 1991
Writer: Tom Galbraith
Director: Michael Ailwood

Ernie Jacobs pulls a swifty on Marilyn

Extended Summary

Michael and Pippa get ready to go to deliver Floss and Neville’s old van to her friend Peter that will have use for it.

They are ready to go. They meet Patricia in caravan park before they leave as she is out for a walk.

The old caravan won’t start at first but it is ok after a while.

Fisher reminds Bobby that she got a doctor appointment today at 10 o’clock.

She still feels Fisher is fussing around her a bit too much but she is grateful anyway.

Alf talks to Patricia about Bobby. He thinks she should talk to her and that it might do Bobby some good. Patricia is doubtful to the idea.

Marilyn tries to butter Ernie up with goodies. She tries to get Ernie to tell her and Adam who the buyers of the beach house are.

Marilyn explains she want to offer the buyers 5000 dollars more than what they bought it for.

Ernie says he can’t tell her the name of the buyers. Ernie seem interested in the money himself and tell Marilyn he might have an away around the problem since the buyers wants to remain anonymous.

He says he can approach the buyers of the house on her behalf and explain to them about Marilyn’s offer. Marilyn is excited and gives Ernie more goodies to eat.

Patricia drops by at Fisher’s house. She asks for Bobby but she is at doctor’s appointment and will be home later. Patricia will wait as Fisher offered. Fisher forgot a cooking he had on stove. It got burnt!

Michael and Pippa are delayed on a road due to the old van have stopped. Michael is fixing it. Pippa is getting a bit bored since it takes a long time to fix it.

Michael is feeling very confident that he can fix it. After a little while he burns himself on something near the engine also!

Not seriously burnt anyway. Pippa laughs.

Ernie tell Marilyn the buyers wanted 5 thousand more than the 5 thousand Marilyn was to offer them. Ernie told the buyers that. (Even though it seem as if Ernie wants the money himself but that he is not telling of course!)

Adam and Marilyn think it is a bit much to pay but Marilyn would hate to lose her house.

Marilyn decides to accept the deal and will sign the contracts. Adam thinks they should get some more advice on it first.

Adam and Marilyn talk to Alf about it. He suggests they read the contracts extremely carefully.

Adam and Marilyn talk to Ernie. They check the contracts out. Ernie also told them earlier about a 14 days cooling off period (which means they could get out of the buy in case they changed their mind sort of).

Adam thinks they should let a solicitor check the contract out, especially since the other buyers still wants to remain anonymous. Ernie says it is no hurry.

Ernie asks for the bank cheque for the holding deposit from Marilyn. Marilyn gives it to him and he say he will give them a receipt. He gives them that. Ernie seems to love the cheque and it is obvious he plan on getting the money himself.

Patricia talks to Fisher about why she became a nun etc. And also that she worked as a counsellor for troubled kids with drug addictions earlier.

Fisher talks to her about Bobby’s problems to handle the death of her baby. Patricia got asked by him to talk to Bobby about it but she won’t if Bobby doesn’t want her to. Patricia and Fisher cook the dinner he was to make as a special treat for Bobby.

She helps him since a bit of the dinner got ruined on the stove earlier when he forgot about it when Patricia arrived to his house.

Michael manages to get the van going again. Pippa and Michael hurry in to drive away but the van stops again and won’t start!

After a few more tries they get the van moving again.

Bobby and Fisher and Patricia eat dinner. Bobby loved it. It is beef stroganoff. Patricia let Fisher take the whole credit for the cooking even though she helped out a lot with it.

Fisher talks about Patricia and that she are actually a qualified counsellor too. Fisher suggests Bobby could speak to her about her problems with losing her baby. Bobby gets angry and tells him to stop interfering with other people’s lives.

Bobby says she will handle it her own way.

An older couple turn up at beach house just as Marilyn and Adam were to celebrate their new house “soon to be”.

The couple explain they were the ones that were to buy the beach house. Ernie had lied about that they wanted to sell it to Marilyn for 10 thousand more than what they bought it for. Ernie just said so and was to take all the money himself instead.

Adam and Marilyn talk to them about it. Marilyn explains that Ernie lied about it. All four of them feel very cheated by Ernie.

Michael and Pippa get another van breakdown again. It is something wrong with the radiator. (Pippa thought so earlier even though she was just guessing and it turned out to be right). Michael and Pippa eat picnic lunch out on grass.

Patricia does the washing up at Fisher’s house and Bobby talks to her. Bobby apologises. She explains she was only angry with Fisher. Bobby and Patricia talks a bit about Bobby’s pregnancy. Bobby opens up and talks about the death of her baby. (Emotional music).

Bobby cry and explain she really can’t handle the death of her baby. Patricia tell her just to go with her feelings since there is no right or wrong way to handle this kind of situation. Fisher comes in and asks what is going on. Bobby say she just been counselled. They all seem a bit happier about the whole thing.

Michael and Pippa manage after a LONG time to get the van to her friend that have a children’s home and could use the van for the kids to play in. Now he tell Pippa and Michael it wasn’t what he thought it would be and he has no use for it!! Michael and Pippa are shocked and will have to take it back. They are very disappointed of course! They are worried on how to get it home since it will be dark and there is no headlights working on the van!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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