Episode 685

Australian Air Date: 16th January 1991
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Michael Ailwood

Marilyn becomes the proud owner of the beach house. Sally delivers a scathing remark to Michael.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Ben are out near Pippa’s house and Patricia comes by in her car getting dragged by Fisher’s car since her car have broken down again. Fisher thanks Patricia for the talk she had with Bobby about the death of the baby.

Patricia’s car is in worse condition than usual. Ben talks to Patricia about it.

Ben thinks it is due for major surgery on the car! Ben checks the car out.

Pippa phone home from a phone booth and Ben answers. Pippa explain about it all and say they won’t be able to come home today since it will be dark and no head lights are working on the old van and the radiator is leaking so they have to constantly fill it up with water. They will take in on a motel. Pippa tell Ben to explain it to Sally.

Ben talks to Sally about it. Sally hates it and don’t like that Pippa spends time with Michael since she feel that Michael are trying to replace Tom in some way.

Adam, Marilyn and the couple that were to buy the beach house talk to Alf about how to sort Ernie out.

Alf give them suggestions. Marilyn will phone Ernie and will tell him that she lost interested in the sell since Alf are convinced that Ernie will be round there in a flash then since he don’t want to lose out on any money.

Michael and Pippa try to find a motel and phones around. All motels are full. Pippa and Michael will have to sleep outdoors!

They bring out two mattresses from the old van since it is not possible to sleep in the van due to the smell since it haven’t been used for so long. They put the mattresses near a lake where they will be able to sleep. Pippa starts laughing about the whole disaster!

Ernie comes over to beach house. Marilyn opens. Adam, Alf and the couple are out on veranda at first so Ernie won’t be suspicious.

Ernie tries to talk Marilyn back into buying the beach house. After a while Adam, Alf and the couple comes in and talks to Ernie. Ernie feels uncomfortable. They put Ernie in a position so he have to give Marilyn the money back and let the couple buy the beach house as originally planned. They threaten to take Ernie to court otherwise. Ernie has to back down.

Michael and Pippa have made a fire out in darkness. They talk and have a pretty fun time anyway.

They eat some too. Pippa are worried what Sally are thinking of the whole thing.

Alf and rest at beach house are happy how things worked out. Ernie doesn’t like it but had to agree to it.

The couple talk to Marilyn and rest about it. They feel a bit bad about Marilyn losing her house. Marilyn is ok with it since the couple were they ones that would originally buy it and therefore it are only fair that they get to buy it.

Marilyn and Adam will let the couple sleep at beach house over night so they won’t have to find a motel.

Patricia has eaten food at Pippa’s house. Ben made the food. Ben talks to Sally since she is in a bad mood.

Sally hates the idea that Pippa is spending the night with Michael. Ben get annoyed at Sally since he have told her a lot of times it was nothing else Michael and Pippa could do.

Michael and Pippa get to bed outdoors. They talk more and try to get to sleep after a while.

The next morning Marilyn make breakfast and the couple will eat breakfast too.

Michael and Pippa wake up outdoors. Michael notice the old van is gone! He tells Pippa about it.

Sally, Ben and Christopher eat breakfast but Sally won’t anything. Ben gets angry with her since she is cranky about Michael and Pippa. Ben tells her to get up and get dressed and brush her teeth.

Pippa and Michael start walking since the van has been stolen! They try to hitchhike.

Pippa tell him they mustn’t tell the kids that they tried to hitchhike.

Ernie gives Marilyn the deposit cheque back and the couple the contract to sign. They tell Ernie and Marilyn that they want Marilyn to buy the house instead since she is so found of the place.

Marilyn is very happy but think it is bad that the couple loses on the house out but they convince Marilyn that they really want Marilyn to have it instead.

Ernie will have to sell it to Marilyn for the original price since Alf threatens him to take him to court otherwise!

Ernie says she can sign the contract in an hour.

Pippa and Michael come to caravan park and are very happy to be back.

Just then, they notice Adam and Matt driving the old van back to caravan park! Adam thought it had been stolen and found it out on road!

Pippa and Michael feel bad about it since they really don’t want to see the old van again for as long as they live!

They laugh about it after Adam has left.

Pippa and Michael talk to Ben about it. Sally comes in and is in a cranky mood and is angry with Michael. She say she don’t like Michael. Sally tells Michael to stay away from Pippa!

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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