Episode 2656

Australian Air Date: 12th July 1999

Is the spark gone from Gypsy’s romance with Jesse? Sally is almost sacked by Bonza Burger’s new owner. Adam Cameron returns to the Bay. Ailsa wants to go fishing with her boys.

Return episode, last seen in #1413. Returned to the Bay as Bonza Burgers’ new franchise owner. Ruffled feathers with his new ambitious corporate outlook.
First episode. Nerdy uni genius and friend of Sally’s. Secretly held feelings for her.

Extended Summary

Adam comes back to the Bay. He is in charge of Bonza Burgers. He sees Sally giving out free burgers to Sam and Hayley. He gives out to Sally and asked her to come in at half nine the next morning. When Sally meets Adam, she is ten minutes late. He gives out saying that she not being responsible. Sally reassures him that she is not normally late. He gives her trial base of two weeks.

Angus, Sally’s project partner, rings up her place. Vinnie becomes suspicious and questions Sally. He tells Sally to bring Angus over to their house. Sally agrees and when Vinnie sees Angus, he realises he has nothing to worry about.

Gypsy decides to go over to Jesse’s house and spend the day with him. Rachel comes home from ballet early so Gypsy and Jesse have no time alone. Gypsy goes to get a video. Jesse says the video has to be suitable for Rachel, so Gypsy ends up watching The Little Mermaid and Snow White. She leaves early and tells Justine what happened. Justine suggests to her to go back around to Jesse when Rachel is in bed. Gypsy takes her advice but the pair are interrupted by Vinnie and Sal who return. Jesse thinks the relationship is brilliant, but Gypsy on the other hand, tells Justine she doesn’t think it will work out. Irene invites Adam to live with her and introduces him to Hayley…

Marianne Gilligan, 1999