Shauna challenges Adam to a surf triathlon. Farmer Brown lets Will work on the go-cart. Sally thinks Jesse’s new love isn’t genuine. Has Irene chased away a potential date?


Jesse refuses to bury the hatchet with Vinnie. Adam cheats in the surf triathlon. Fisher refuses to read the new script for On the Crest of a Wave.


Shauna beats Adam in the surf triathlon. Is Fisher going to start a new career as a screenwriter? Is Ailsa out to get Alf? Vinnie makes a heartfelt apology to Jesse.


Will enlists the other kids to help him with the go-cart. Ailsa rips Alf’s face out of the family photos. Mitch and Gypsy are caught by Irene. Irene’s new admirer gives her a very expensive present.


Ailsa asks Irene for help. Will asks Anthony to sponsor his go-cart. Hayley admits that she still likes Mitch. A gossip magazine publishes an unauthorised version of Justine’s ‘story’. Joel and Natalie are seriously considering purchasing the caravan park.


Tom accuses his parents of thinking he’s stupid. Alf is getting fed up with Ailsa. Lansdowne deceives Fisher. Mitch is accepted at the local high school – in Year 10. Vinnie hopes for an advance from his secret benefactor.


Vinnie’s secret benefactor comes up with some cash. Alf suspects that Ailsa is out to get him. Shauna discovers some of her underwear in Adam’s room. Fisher reminisces about his late son, Alan. Bianca is sacked from the film.


Someone is watching Shauna. Vinnie hires a mystery woman to take over her job at the diner. Is Irene’s new interest trying to buy her love? Jesse discovers that Bianca was using him all along.


James throws Adam out of the house… but who is really stalking Shauna? Harry, the new science teacher, meets Sally… and Shauna. Ailsa is intent on driving Alf mad.


Shauna’s ex calls Adam a pervert and accuses him of vandalising his car. Harry is hiding something from everyone in Summer Bay. Fisher seriously considers quitting teaching.


Alf is shocked when Ailsa goes missing. Will ‘borrows’ an expensive car for a joy ride. Fisher’s suffering through a career and life crisis.


Irene realises that Will ‘stole’ her friend’s car. Everyone wants to buy the caravan park. Ailsa’s not speaking to Alf.


Will refuses to dob in his partners in crime. Duncan and his friend find real buried treasure. Someone throws a brick through one of James’s windows. Marilyn is convinced that Byron is ill.


James suspects that Shauna may have a troubled past. Marilyn’s worst fears are confirmed – Byron is seriously ill. Natalie finds some incriminating photos of Gypsy. Alf is just about at the end of his tether with Ailsa.


Marilyn refuses to start Byron on chemotherapy. Will and Gypsy share a kiss. Shauna’s stalker gets closer. Alf thinks he’s losing everything, including his wits. Joel realises his hopes of buying the caravan park may be sunk.


Shauna’s stalker is unmasked. Duncan pays off Gary to keep him quiet about their found money. Marilyn insists that they send Byron to a treatment centre in the United States. Will and Gypsy agree that their kiss was meaningless…


Duncan denies knowing anything about a case filled with money. Vinnie becomes a director in his father’s shonky business. Colleen Smart returns to the Bay. Tom thinks Joel and Natalie have bought him a bomb for his 18th birthday.


Is Mitch still interested in Hayley, and vice versa? Vinnie discovers that his dad is a real conman. Duncan loses his buried treasure. Tom finds a vocation.


Fisher needs money for Byron’s costly treatment overseas. Alf suspects Duncan’s involved with drugs. Vinnie is duped by his own dad.


Vinnie forces his dad to own up to his fraudulent dealings. Alf witnesses Harry exchanging words with a suspicious-looking man. Fishers swears to make life hell for Roger Lansdowne.

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