Joey recommits himself to hospital. Rebecca takes matters into her own hands. Fisher tries to resolve the continuing feud between Duncan and the other kids.


Travis’s sister comes to the Bay. Tom punches one of Terri’s friends. Is Chloe marrying a man she doesn’t love?


Irene decides to throw Chloe an engagement party. Vinnie makes an embarrassing confession. Duncan destroys Hayley’s art. Travis and Rebecca take pity on Claire.


Claire robs Travis and skips town. Vinnie gets six months of community service. Terri makes a fool out of herself. Fisher’s past comes back to haunt him.


Travis lets Claire off the hook. Tom packs his bags – he’s moving out! Joey and Miranda get intimate.


Is Terri going to reject Tom? Diana uncovers the shocking truth about Ellen! The sight of blood horrifies Miranda.


Fisher follows his conscience. Irene assaults Diana at the engagement party. Sally sees trouble in store for Fisher.


The kids try to qualify as life savers. Chloe and James kick Diana out. Vinnie heads for a showdown with Fisher.


Alf’s life saving classes end in nudity on the beach. A drunken Diana shows up on Irene’s doorstep. Fisher turns Vinnie down – again.


Diana drops the charges against Irene. Tom betrays Tom to his own parents. Will reveals the truth about his father. Is there a conspiracy against Travis?


Tom puts Joel in his place. Joey discovers that Miranda’s secret. Travis’s boat is destroyed!


Joey and Miranda have their first kiss. Vinnie decides to campaign for Alan Fisher’s book. Natalie blames Joel for breaking up their family.


Is Joel and Natalie’s marriage headed for disaster? There’s tension between Travis and Joel. Will and Sam compete with each other for Hayley’s favour. Sam discovers Miranda’s secret.


Joel arrests Travis. Miranda decides to leave the Bay. Is Vinnie beginning to regret his actions?


Travis wants more than an apology from Joel. Duncan searches the Internet for trouble. Has Vinnie finally exposed Fisher?


Duncan makes a home bomb. Gypsy tells Will she’s pregnant.


Will and Gypsy’s relationship looks doomed. Duncan blows Alf to smithereens! An old friend from Jesse’s criminal past shows up.


Fisher discovers Marilyn is back in town. The arrival of Will’s father sets off a family feud. Alf is rushed to hospital.


Marilyn arrives home to Fisher. Will declares war on his father. Gypsy gives Will the wrong romantic signals.


Fisher reveals he no longer trusts Marilyn. Has Will destroyed his family’s reunion? Travis refuses to forgive Joel.

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