Is Gypsy in danger of becoming an alcoholic? Marilyn’s filled with shame but she just doesn’t love her baby. Spending the night with Tom helps Justine to decide to stay in Summer Bay. Natalie agrees she and the family will stay living with Rebecca and Travis.

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Will’s not too happy about the prospect of Joey coming home. Diana pretends to be blind. Natalie’s horrified to find Gypsy passed out drunk. Vinnie decides the money isn’t worth it – he’s not going back to school.

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Gypsy returns to counselling. Joey panics when Irene tells him she has to go to the city. Chloe suspects Diana’s sight has come back. Sam can’t decide whether to stay or go. Duncan and Sam are developing a bad relationship.

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Chloe and James consummate their relationship. Fisher loses his patience with Marilyn. Joel’s careful not to give Brook and Mara the wrong idea. Sam thinks Fisher’s mellowing a little. Will’s support means a lot to Joey.

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Fisher’s devastated to find Marilyn’s gone. Did Travis cheat on Rebecca with Brook? Sam decides to stay in Summer Bay. Sally says she won’t respect Vinnie unless he returns to school.


Has Marilyn committed suicide? Duncan hates that Will and Hayley are now living in his house. Joel can’t help suspecting that more went on between Brook and Travis than he’s being told. Joel is astonished to find Terri Garner’s back in town and working with him at the station!


Gypsy and Will are locked in the cellar. Fisher starts to think marrying Marilyn was a big mistake. Joey feels like the town freak. Vinnie’s finding it hard to concentrate on school.


Duncan has Ailsa wrapped around his little finger. Jesse develops a friendship with Maggie, the prison warden. Tom’s not over Terri by a long shot. Joey’s still feeling like an outsider.


Is there a possibility of romance between Jesse and Maggie? Travis admits to Rebecca that Brook came onto him. Fisher seems to have accepted that Marilyn’s not coming back. There are still feelings between Terri and Tom. James begins to feel like Chloe’s shutting him out. Will Vinnie make it back into Year Twelve?


Is Maggie a prisoner on the run? Will Brook cause problems for Travis and Rebecca? Justine catches Tom on Terri’s doorstep. Joel boosts Vinnie’s confidence. Tiegan leaves to live with Pippa. Joey and Hayley forge a friendship.


Tom and Terri are unable to control their physical attraction. Jesse’s suspicions of Maggie are allayed. Joey begins to open up in therapy. The sea search for Marilyn has been abandoned. Fisher gives Vinnie a final warning about wearing his school uniform properly.


Jesse discovers Maggie’s secret. Fisher employs a housekeeper. Tom lies to Justine about what happened with Terri. Travis warns Brooke to keep her distance. Joey enjoys giving his speech in Group Therapy.


Jesse and Maggie are forced to say goodbye. Natalie isn’t falling for Brook’s ‘poor me’ routine, even if Rebecca is. James is hurt that Chloe still isn’t over Lachie. Hayley and Will’s brother, Nick is in big trouble – but what is it? Hayley asks Sam if she can paint him with no clothes on.


Nick’s afraid Johnno will kill him if he doesn’t come up with $500. James asks Chloe to marry him. Travis begins to feel sorry for Brook. Vinnie agrees to let Hayley paint him. Natalie rushes to Queensland to see her father, who has had a stroke.


Chloe agrees to marry James. Johnno catches up to Will and Nick. Justine feels guilty for not trusting Tom. Sam and Ellen develop a friendship. Sam is shocked to discover what Hayley’s art project is! Joey discovers Duncan stole the notes for his speech.


Will turns his brother in. Brook tells Rebecca that she and Travis are in love. Vinnie rocks up at school wearing nothing but a fresh coat of paint.


Is Nick in trouble with the law? Joel and Travis realise their father lived a double life. Justine finally discovers the truth about Tom and Terri’s relationship.


Has Tom lost both the women in his life? Nick’s foster parents come to town. Chloe decides she’s going to be happy about this marriage.


Tom and Terri go public with their relationship. Duncan is out to get Joey. Is Vinnie going to become a father? What’s Ellen’s big secret?


Sam harasses Ellen’s daughter. Ailsa asks Joey to leave. Sally lets Vinnie off the hook. Has Travis found his half-sister?

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