Episode 2564

Australian Air Date: 4th March 1999

Chloe and James consummate their relationship. Fisher loses his patience with Marilyn. Joel’s careful not to give Brook and Mara the wrong idea. Sam thinks Fisher’s mellowing a little. Will’s support means a lot to Joey.

Final episode.
First episode. Mara’s sister. Her affections for Travis were rejected after she saw in him the likeness of her dead fianc̩, David Andrews.
First episode. Klutzy boat driver and Brooke’s sister.

Extended Summary

Will is disappointed that Joey has expected Irene to stay for him and decides to have a piece of mind with him. He visits Joey and approaches him where he’s sitting down at a tree. Before Will is ready to say anything, Joey says he really appreciates having people visit him. He asks him is Hayley with him. Will says she isn’t and Joey concludes that she is afraid of him. Joey says that he wouldn’t blame her for being scared. Will then changes his tune: he tells Joey that he was sick. Joey says that he is scared too, and would not know what he’d do if he gets sick again. Will tells him that he should stop making Irene feel guilty; he should let her go to see her daughter. Irene gets a phone call from Joey and gets emotional: Joey tells her she should go and asks her to give Finlay his love. As soon as Will arrives through the door, she gives him a hug for making Joey see sense.

At the Diner, Tiegan is with Rebecca. She has a magazine and is doing numerology to check on the compatibility of partners. Chloe drops by and Tiegan offers to do one on her and James, but gets snapped at. Rebecca talks to Chloe at the beach; Chloe is explaining that she does not like it when everyone draw conclusions of her and James and that she should be allowed to work it out for herself. Rebecca says that it’s obvious to everyone that they are partners.

Chloe returns to James’ place. She asks where everyone has gone; Diana and Olivia are asleep. He complains of his sore neck and Chloe offers to massage him, saying that she has done it on her father a lot. James turns around and looks at Chloe in her eye; the next thing is they’re snogging on the sofa. Diana tells James and Chloe that her sight is back and her specialist is treating her, so she must go to the city.

Irene calls to see Chloe but Diana answers the door saying that Chloe is gone to dinner with James. Diana has a chat with Irene about herself and Chloe and James. Irene tells her that there is always something.

Fisher has a chat with Sam about Duncan. He says that he knows what Duncan is like as he went through a lot – he had operations and has a personality change. He is surprised by Sam’s attitude towards Duncan and reminds him that it wasn’t long ago when Sam has such a personality change. Sam is told to ignore Duncan whenever he is provoked. Sam is surprised when Fisher appears to be calm before asking him is that all. Fisher tells him he does not want to part on bad terms, hence his reason for not making a big deal over Sam’s behaviour towards Duncan. At Irene’s, Sam tells Hayley of his surprise at Fisher’s calmness. Hayley asks him whether he has thought that he may want him to stay.

Joel and Travis are in the middle of the sea, enjoying their break themselves. Joel spots a nearby boat; being cautious, he asks Travis if that boat is too close to theirs. Travis panics and shouts at the people in the other boat. The lady says she’s sorry. The young lady exclaims that she has seen a ghost after spotting Travis on the boat. At the pier, Mara goes up to apologise for the incident; Travis accepts this apology, saying that no harm has been done. Brooke comments on his boat before asking him could she look around it. Joel excuses himself saying that he has promised to phone Natalie. When Joel returns, he thinks he is hearing things when Brooke says she’ll see them tomorrow. Travis lashes out at Joel’s unsubtle attitude when he lets them know they are married. Joel says he does not care.

Marilyn is getting visitors – Rebecca calls just as her father is leaving for work. Ailsa also calls; she tells Marilyn she thinks she has upset her and apologises. Marilyn admits she is not OK: she says she is a bad mother. Ailsa calls to the school to find Fisher – he tells her that Marilyn needs a doctor, as she thinks she is suffering from post-natal depression. Fisher returns home, informing Marilyn that he has made an appointment for her to see Dr Robson. Marilyn is furious with him. Fisher rings Dr Robson to let her know why Marilyn has failed to turn up for her appointment. Marilyn comes down the stairs and accuses him of talking to the doctor behind her back. Fisher lashes out at her for making things impossible around the house. Being hurt by Fisher’s remarks, she tells him it’s not a nice thing to say and walks away…

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