Episode 2563

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 1999

Gypsy returns to counselling. Joey panics when Irene tells him she has to go to the city. Chloe suspects Diana’s sight has come back. Sam can’t decide whether to stay or go. Duncan and Sam are developing a bad relationship.

Fifth and final appearance, last seen in #2562. Oversaw Gypsy’s return to counseling.
Second appearance, last seen in #2558. Helped Joey prepare for leaving Camelot House.

Extended Summary

Natalie tries to wake Gypsy up from her drunken sleep. Gypsy tells her to get away. Her counsellor calls over to talk to her. Gypsy thinks that counselling would be a waste of time as it did not work the last time. The counsellor pointed out that they may not have talked enough and tells her that drinking is not the answer and she’ll get through it, but it would take time. James is called and he checks her. He advises that she should have someone with her and Natalie says she’ll be there for her. Natalie discovers that he already knows of Gypsy’s drinking and is furious that he has not told her. He defends himself saying that he was in a difficult situation and that he had to respect doctor-patient confidentiality. Unaware of her mother’s presence Gypsy wakes and tells her to go away and leave her alone. When she sees her mother, she stops. Tom brings in mugs of hot drink and reaches out for Gypsy’s hand. She tells him to go away and blames him for ratting on her. Will then comes to Tom’s defence when he tells her he is the one who told her. She is shocked and Will steers clear of her instead for a while.

Diana has not told Chloe of her returned sight. She shows yet more of her dirty tricks. Outside, Irene asks Chloe could she return home earlier. Unfortunately for Irene, Chloe is stuck with her promise to look after Diana. Diana eavesdrops on their conversation. Chloe is doing some housework while Diana is holding Olivia. Olivia dribbles on to Diana’s clothes and Diana wipes it off. Being suspicious of Diana’s behaviour, Chloe asks her how does she know where to wipe. Just when she looks like she is going to be caught, Diana has her answer ready: she can feel a wet spot. Chloe apologises. Diana asks her to take Olivia back as she wishes to go to bed. She seizes her opportunity: she sees a ladder and pretends to fall over it. Chloe comes to her aid and Diana tells her she would not know what she’d do if Chloe wasn’t there.

Sam barges into Irene’s place to see Hayley – he has discovered that The Carrington Ranges has not been heard of and complains that there’s no beach or surf. Tiegan reminds him that Pippa is looking forward to seeing him. He is now in doubt over whether he wants to go or not. Tiegan is asked by Irene to go and visit Joey. At school, she is unsure whether to tell him that she is going to live with Pippa.

At the Diner, Irene moans to Ailsa of her problem: she is stuck without anyone to take care of Hayley and Will, not forgetting Joey. Ailsa offers to take them is as she’s alone with Duncan. Irene tells her she can’t have her doing this. Ailsa tells her Duncan could do with some company and Irene tells her of Joey. Ailsa is unsure, but states that he would not be let out if he’s not alright. The phone rings at the Diner and Irene receives news of Diana’s tumble: she is disappointed ‘Miss High and Mighty’ is not seriously injured.

Duncan causes trouble at school when he runs in the corridor, pushing Hayley. Sam is provoked into chasing him and catches him. Rebecca gets there. Duncan arranges a payback when he puts something in Sam’s bag. After playing hoops, Will and Sam return to a foul-smelling corridor. Sam discovers something in his bag. He spots Duncan and chases after him angrily in the corridor. This prompts an angry Rebecca to tell him she will have to report to the principal. Ailsa finds Duncan stealing a cake off the counter and takes it off him telling him it’d spoil his appetite. He pleads her and Ailsa gives in. She asks him of his school day and he complains that Sam has been picking on him. He says he’s always doing this; a surprised Ailsa tells him it’s very unlike Sam. She then tells him of the good news that Will and Hayley are coming to stay with them. Duncan is not happy and tells her of his hatred for them.

Irene gets a phone call and receives bad news: her daughter, Finlay, is down with pneumonia and is at the hospital. Though Barry can look after the kids, he has to return to the city so Irene is asked to come down and mind her kids. However, she is glad to have her babysitting problems solved and goes off to visit Joey. Tiegan persuades Justine to tell Joey that she is going to live with Pippa. Justine reluctantly agrees. She meets Justine there who tells her he is not taking the news of Tiegan’s future departure well.Joey is hurt and begins to think that everyone is leaving him. He hugs Irene and pleads her to stay as she’s the only one he has left…

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