Episode 2562

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 1999

Will’s not too happy about the prospect of Joey coming home. Diana pretends to be blind. Natalie’s horrified to find Gypsy passed out drunk. Vinnie decides the money isn’t worth it – he’s not going back to school.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #2558. Urged Joey to be optimistic about a recovery from schizophrenia.
Sixth and final appearance, last seen in #2559 credited as DR. MENZIES. Was reluctant to let Diana out of hospital.

Extended Summary

Sally and Vinnie return to their place with a lot of textbooks in their arms. The phone rings; Vinnie is asked to do a stripping gig tonight. He says he’ll be there but Sally warns him Fisher will kill him. Disappointed, he cancels the gig. She gives him a helping hand with maths. He finds it tough going and gives up before stuffing his mouth with whipping cream! Jesse arrives and teases Vinnie. Vinnie does not like this; he is hurt when Sally tells him he can’t be a bum forever! He explains to Sally how his reputation is being harmed. Sally gives him three good words: fifty-thousand dollars. At this, Vinnie returns to his study. Sally jokingly tells him that if he’s a good boy, she’ll let him stay up and watch TV! He disappears to his room and tells her he is not going back.

Will overhears Tom talking about Gypsy before asking him about her. He suggests that he visit her. He grabs the bottle off Gypsy. He states that he does not wish to see her becoming an alcoholic and points out that alcohol is not the answer to her problems. This leads to Gypsy’s anger toward him. He pleads to her to talk to him. Being reluctant, she tells him how it is for her when her nightmares keep returning. He is aghast by her account and says he is sorry; he has no idea it’s so hard for her. She says angrily that he now knows and tells him to leave.

Diana’s doctor refuses to discharge her. James comes into her room and the doctor gives him his opinion on why she should not be released. She hears James and pleads to him to get her out. He asks her who’d look after her; he is astonished when she says that Chloe would look after her. James points out to Diana that she has a life of her own. He has no choice and takes her to his apartment. Chloe is surprised to see her out of hospital, and is surprised to hear that she is expected to look after her.

Irene calls to pay a visit to Chloe and tells her of Joey’s behaviour getting better and that he may return home soon. She asks her would she move back; Chloe says she’d love to, and leaves Irene baffled when she says she’s looking after Diana. Diana enters the room calling for Chloe; she says she thought she heard voices. Irene says hello to her and says she is sorry to hear of her loss of sight. When Irene and Chloe talk outside, Diana sees a blurry vision of the two; this vision then improves. She smiles when she realises her sight has come back. Chloe returns and asks Diana is everything OK. Diana keeps it from Chloe of her returned sight.

Irene calls to see Joey at a clinic; Joey feels ashamed over his behaviour towards her. Irene tells him it’s OK as he was sick, and that everyone is looking forward to having him back when he leaves the clinic. Joey talks to his psychiatrist about his experiences; he mentions that though he knew Saul was dead, his appearance seemed realistic. He thinks he has stuffed up until she says he has plenty of time in the future to repair the damage.

Natalie finds Gypsy unwell again and promises to take her to the doctor later if she is still feeling bad. Tom and Justine ask Will about Gypsy. Will tells him that he has not made any progress with her. Tom says that talking to her is like talking to a brick wall. Natalie calls to Tom saying that she is taking Gypsy to the doctor, and asks him to tell her to wait as she’ll be late. Justine, Will and Tom panic and rush off to Gypsy’s aid. They arrive in Tom’s van and discover Gypsy has passed out. They try to revive her while Justine watches out for Natalie. There’s a knock on the door. Just as Will approaches the door, Tom and Justine are surprised at his response, calling him ‘some friend’. He says he is being a friend; he’s doing this for Gypsy. Will opens the door and in rushes Natalie who becomes horrified when she sees Gypsy. She demands an answer as to what’s going on and is handed the answer in her hands: a bottle of vodka…

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