Episode 2561

Australian Air Date: 1st March 1999

Is Gypsy in danger of becoming an alcoholic? Marilyn’s filled with shame but she just doesn’t love her baby. Spending the night with Tom helps Justine to decide to stay in Summer Bay. Natalie agrees she and the family will stay living with Rebecca and Travis.


Extended Summary

Vinnie is dancing to music when Sally and Jesse come in; she informs him that one of the conditions he must abide by is that he must get a mark high enough to go to university. He gasps at this and reads the small print. He is relieved when he learns that he does not have to go to uni; he only has to get a mark high enough to enter. He sings loudly about the HSC when Fisher calls over; Fisher comments on his enthusiasm over his return to school! Vinnie says he’s just warming up! Fisher hands him a list of textbooks for school. Vinnie is shocked to discover that he needs a lot of books and moans that they’ll cost him. He also receives forms for student allowances. Vinnie is ready to go out for the night when Sally tells him she is searching for her old textbooks; she wishes to help Vinnie. He tells her he’ll start studying tomorrow but Sally tells him he must start tonight.

Fisher tells Marilyn he can take the day off for her; she tells him she’ll be fine. Before leaving for work, he advises her to go out for a walk. Fisher leaves her home alone; she holds Byron and asks why is she getting the feeling that Byron is not her baby. She is at the Diner when Vinnie plays with Byron. He drops some hints at her; he tells Sally that Marilyn has as good as told him he’s going to be a fairy godfather. Ailsa is surprised by his excitement and Marilyn tells her she thinks he’s just excited that Byron’s middle name is named after him. When Ailsa eventually gets a free moment, she asks Marilyn how she is coping. Marilyn tells her she’s fine. When Ailsa says she is worried, Marilyn snaps saying she should take her word that everything is fine and points out that she has not failed and will not allow the others wait for her to fail.

Natalie and Joel tell Travis and Rebecca that they think the must be getting tired of Joel and Natalie and that it’s time for them to move on. Travis and Rebecca tell them there’s no need; they can stay as long as they like. Travis and Joel pack for their few days of prawning; Rebecca and Natalie tell them they are expecting a big fish and prawns. Rebecca and Natalie have a conversation on how great Travis and Joel are able to get on with each other; they have both lost their childhood. Rebecca has a chat with Natalie and asks her to consider staying for longer; one of the attractions of the family staying there that Rebecca likes is that she has experienced parents at hand for advice.

Natalie returns to the house and tells Joel of the vodka and asks him not to be heavy with him. He has a talk with Tom and recalls having a few swigs of his old man’s scotch; he understands Tom’s problem. Tom has not denied the bottle isn’t his. Joel tells him he is now grounded for two weeks. Justine later calls, asking him how it went his father. He complains that his grounding would not be any fun. Justine spends the night with Tom in his van.

Rebecca is glad to hear of Justine’s news; she has decided to stay in the Bay. Justine has a talk with Tiegan, saying that her reason is that it feels right for her; she points out to her that she left for Monkey Jam because it felt right. Tiegan is worried that they’ll lose touch.Justine hands her her earring; Tiegan can’t accept her favourite earring, but takes it eventually after persuasion from Justine that they are a team.

Tom tells Natalie the bottle is not his. Justine tells him he should not have lied; he tells her that Gypsy is the one who is drinking. Gypsy comes to his van looking for her bottle; she is disappointed to learn that Natalie has discovered the bottle. Tom gives out to Gypsy and mentions that she is a sad person, her drinking is a cry for help; Justine butts in, saying that drinking is pathetic. Natalie asks her why isn’t she dressed; Gypsy’s excuse is that she isn’t well. She has panic breaths and looks for more alcohol in the pantry. After finding it, her nightmares of Robert return…

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