Episode 2560

Australian Air Date: 26th February 1999

Fisher’s concerned – why is Marilyn refusing to breastfeed? Gypsy’s desperate to get her hands on some more alcohol. Tom is caught with Gypsy’s bottle of vodka… but will he dob her in? Vinnie gets an offer he can’t refuse – even though it means going back to school. Joel is cleared of alleged assault.

Fifth appearance, last seen in #2555. Visited Joel to inform him of O’Brien’s proven false allegations.
Solicitor for a mysterious benefactor who offered Vinnie a deal.

Extended Summary

Vinnie is afraid to see the solicitor. He returns, asking her what if he’s in trouble. Sally asks him what has he done; his problem is that he cannot think of anything he has done wrong. Sally says he should stop worrying and should go and find out before pushing him. When he meets the solicitor, he pleads innocence at whatever he may have done and says he didn’t do it, whatever it is! The solicitor is surprised at his behaviour and advises him to wait until he hears what he has to say. Vinnie bids goodbye to the solicitor and heads to the kitchen, saying nothing to Jesse and Sally. They both persuade Vinnie to tell them what the solicitor wanted to see him about. Vinnie has become rich – he is getting $50,000 from a person who wishes to remain anonymous. However, the catch is that he must return to school! Jesse scoffs; he says he would return to school and take the money. Vinnie does not like the idea, but changes his mind.

Vinnie calls to Fisher and picks up Byron. Fisher tells him that Marilyn may have not survived had Vinnie not been there. Fisher mentions that the baby’s name is Byron Vincent Fisher; Vinnie is disappointed, saying that it does not have a ring, he’s happier with Vincent Byron Fisher! While Fisher is being grateful, he asks him would he take him back to school. Vinnie is surprised when Fisher agrees to take him back, without any argument or questions. He asks him could they have a man to man chat over some problems such as the school uniform as he hates it! Fisher points out that he’ll be treated like any other student. Later on, he tells Sally that he knows who the anonymous person is: Fisher. He is sure since Fisher has not flinched at his suggestion that he wants to return to school. Sally finds it hard to believe.

Gypsy is not dressed for school when Tom is leaving. Her excuse is that she is not feeling good; they have an argument. Natalie barges in asking what the commotion is about. She asks Gypsy why isn’t she ready. Natalie tells her she does not look good. Before Tom departs, she smirks at him. She is alone at home now; she takes a tablet before looking for more drink. She is disappointed to find little in the pantry. However, she is delighted to find a purse on the table and steals a note. Vinnie sees Gypsy at the beach and says hello. Being in a foul mood, she snaps at him. He asks her what’s the matter; she pours him a story of her father being down and that she wishes to buy a bottle of alcohol for her dad. Her problem is that she could not be served due to her age. Vinnie offers her suggestions of alternative gifts; she insists on alcohol. She begs him to buy it for her. He agrees to go to buy it for her and asks her not to tell her father he bought it.

Joel is feeling better as he is off work, spending his spare time around the house. Inspector Carter stops by to see him; he brings good news that he is off the hook. The report showed that the boy’s arm could have happened from a fall only, so Joel is allowed to return to work. He asks when he’d see him; Joel says he would like to take more days off. Natalie hears the good news, and Joel apologises for his behaviour, thanking her for putting up with him. He tells her that he is going away with Travis for a few days; no girls allowed!

Fisher talks to Natalie at the Diner. He mentions Marilyn’s problems to her. Natalie is surprised at her decision to stop breastfeeding so early and tells Fisher that first time mums have trouble with this task. She suggests that he talk to her, otherwise Marilyn may regret her decision later on. Natalie stops at the Fishers’ to ask him when he’d be back at school. She asks Marilyn how she is coping, and gives her advice that she think of her decision. Marilyn is angry at Fisher when she yells at him that her decision is between herself and Fisher. Natalie, before leaving, advises Fisher that he should call the doctor should any problem arise; though it’d cause another argument, it’s better in the long run.

Justine continues to ignore Tom as he is not over Terri. Tom tells her that he went to Drama for her; no one else would have done that. He loved her when he was with Terri but she had Vinnie; she kept knocking him back. Tom then becomes persistent with Justine and, using his charms, he asks Justine why she agreed to go for lunch with him; she could have refused or she may just want free food. He has won her over; they are now back together. He asks her to come into his caravan but Justine says she wants to change first. He tells her she’ll still be the same and pulls her into the van. They find Natalie in the van; she is cleaning. She shows him a bottle of vodka which she has discovered and asks him about it…

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