Episode 2559

Australian Air Date: 25th February 1999

Diana loses her sight. Fisher realises he’s failed Sam. Marilyn’s afraid to admit to Donald she feels nothing for the baby. Why does Vinnie have a lawyer after him?

Final episode.
Fifth appearance, last seen in #2549 credited as DR. HEIDMAN. Oversaw Diana’s condition following her car accident.

Extended Summary

Ailsa gets out of her car, and is surprised to see Diana. She calls for an ambulance and calls James. James is feeling guilty over the harsh words he spoke to his mother. Diana is injured, but alive. James and Chloe visit her in hospital; Diana promises to pack and leave as soon as she is out of hospital. James tells her there is no need; she should get better first. Later on, she has signed herself out of the hospital. Chloe and James snog in front of the TV when they hear a loud crashing sound. There’s only one guess; his mother. Diana calls for James and tells her she has lost her sight. She is back in hospital. James calls to see her with flowers from Chloe; Diana moans about herself being weak and helpless. She asks James would he help her; he says he will.

Marilyn is still feeling low. Ailsa pays her a visit. Fisher tells Ailsa that she is not happy being back; she wished she stayed at the hospital; he asks her to talk some sense into her. Ailsa asks Marilyn her problems. Marilyn cries, blaming herself for being useless, and that she cannot cope even with her own baby. Ailsa tells her it’ll be fine, she’d have to get used to him first and gives her a hug.

Ian calls to Fisher and asks him of Sam’s decision to move. Fisher does not know of anything, so Ian fills in the news. When Sam returns, Fisher asks him. Sam tells him he is unsure. Fisher tells him there is no pressure on him to leave; both him and Marilyn would be sad to see him go. Sam calls to see Hayley. He tells her of the news that Pippa would like him to live with her. She is disappointed; he says he does not want to leave because he likes the Bay and also because he’d miss Hayley. She makes it harder for him when she compares the two places by telling him the disadvantages associated with moving, pointing out that there may be no beach or surfing there, and also the fact he’d have to change schools and make new friends. Her reason is that she does not want him to leave.

Tiegan tells Travis and Rebecca of her decision to move with Pippa. Tiegan says they are both great, but she misses Pippa. Rebecca points out that there may be no one left; Travis is looking forward to getting their lives back, but Rebecca isn’t enthusiastic about it. She says that she’ll miss them, Travis says the same. At the Nashes’, Ian is ready to leave and thanks Travis and Rebecca for having him. Tiegan says she’ll see him again in a few weeks. Just before Ian leaves, Sam runs into the house with the news that he has decided to live with Pippa. Ian asks him about living with a baby; Sam lives with one already. He mentions that he would not let ‘Frizzhead’ have the place to herself; on hearing this, Tiegan says he’ll make his life a misery, calling him ‘Squirt’!

Sally asks Vinnie of the predictions for himself for the day ahead. He predicts good fortune. He looks up the racing section of the paper, trying to work out the horses’ horoscope; he wishes to bet on a winner. Jesse tells Vinnie that all horses have the same birthday – August 1st! Vinnie says he’ll have to work out the jockeys’ birthdays instead. He has lost his bet; Jesse and Sally tell him that his predictions are not accurate; two out of two are wrong. They are glad to have one over him! The phone rings with news for Vinnie; a solicitor wishes to see him about his good fortune. Vinnie goes on about his fortune; telling Sally she may be going out with a millionaire tomorrow! Jesse asks him how can he be so sure it’s about an inheritance; Vinnie has not mentioned of anyone’s death. Jesse says that whenever a solicitor called him, it was because he was in trouble with the law. Sally says that it may be someone suing him; one of his scams may be catching up with him; at this, Vinnie gets a scare! The solicitor calls; is Vinnie looking forward to good news or is he scared…?

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