Episode 2558

Australian Air Date: 24th February 1999

Has Diana had a fatal accident? James admits Joey to a psychiatric clinic. Marilyn’s afraid to leave the hospital with her baby. Sam’s unsure whether to leave Summer Bay.

Ninth and final appearance, last seen in #2552.
Third appearance, last seen in #2531. Working at Camelot House, she helped Joey with his illness.
First appearance. Worker at Camelot House who admitted Joey for treatment.
Wished Marilyn luck for her first day home.
Refused Irene from seeing Joey.

Extended Summary

Joey is being persuaded to kill Irene; he says he cannot do it to her, as she has done no wrong. Chloe and James arrive at the beach house and are horrified to see Joey’s latest behaviour. Irene wakes up from her nap. She finds something odd and asks the matter. She gets a shock when she hears of Joey’s latest plot to kill her. James takes him in his car and admits him to a psychiatric clinic. Will returns home and is bewildered at the latest news. Irene calls to the clinic to visit Joey; instead, she is turned away. She threatens to get Dr Fraser take Joey to another clinic if they do not allow her see him in the next few days. A psychiatrist asks Joey some questions; one of them about Saul. He is asked how could he have seen Saul when he’s already dead. He insists that he has seen his father and she says she has no more questions for him.

Marilyn is not feeling alright. Ailsa calls to see her and brings her a gift. She is disappointed when Marilyn shows her lack of enthusiasm or excitement over the gift. Irene pops later on and finds her looking unhappy. She tells her the news that she is returning home tomorrow. Irene tells her it’s great news, but Marilyn does not think so. Marilyn admits that she is terrified of her prospect of being a mother and feels that she may not be able to cope. Irene convinces her that everything will be fine. Fisher calls over at the hospital and is delighted to hear that Marilyn is coming home. He helps her with the packing and asks her to get dressed. She says she is not; he is disappointed when she says that she is not coming home. Fisher talks to Dr Robson; she says that her behaviour is natural for first-time mothers. Marilyn apologises to him, he says it’s alright, and asks her to tell him if there’s anything wrong, otherwise he cannot help if he does not know the problem.

Chloe and James decide to find out about Diana’s latest plan. James asks her; Diana says he is spoiling the surprise. She says she wishes to retire to the Bay and has found a place. James asks her why the secrecy. Her reason is that she wants to be sure of everything first before telling them. During the meal, James does not talk to her; he is not pleased with her news.

Sam pays a visit to his sister, Sally; she asks him about the surfing. He says that the waves died down. He asks her does she know of the reason for Ian’s visit. Rebecca has already told Sally of Ian’s visit, Sally has yet to know of the news. Sam tells her that Pippa is pregnant; she is delighted but he does not seem to be enthusiastic. Sam lets her know that he has been invited to live with them. She thought he’d be over the moon and points out that they wouldn’t ask him if they did not mean it, when he says that he would be in the way; Pippa has Chris and the baby.

Chloe says they need milk; James says he’d go to the shop. After he leaves, Diana says that they sound like a married couple. She asks Chloe about her and James; she says that she thought they’d be in a relationship; implying that you’d have to be sharing a room – at this point, she asks why are they sleeping in separate rooms. Chloe says she is happy with this arrangement; Diana asks her is James happy. Chloe is enraged at her comments, and tells her off for interfering; Diana can’t help with her interfering, but her excuse is that she is merely taking an interest.

James has returned from the shop; Chloe is packing her stuff. He asks what is going on and and asks Diana what has she said to Chloe. Diana refuses to tell him, but persuades him to tell Chloe she is just being silly. James is still in the dark. He tells Diana that Chloe should not be the one to leave his place, and tells her she should leave. He is being harsh on her when he tells her that he does not want her to live in his place or in his neighbourhood; the reason Lachie and himself moved to the Bay was that they wanted to get away from her. Diana drives away and breaks into tears. She swerves while she tries to reach for her handbag. Ailsa gets a fright, and tries to see who is the the car. Is Diana alright…?

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