Episode 2557

Australian Air Date: 23rd February 1999

Will Joey kill Irene? Tiegan’s keen to leave Summer Bay, but will Justine go with her? Why is Diana spending time with the local real estate agent? Hayley’s angry Sam lied to her about meeting Brian.

Final episode.
Second appearance, last seen in #2555. Was seen by Alf escorting Diana to her car.

Extended Summary

Tiegan and Justine decide on whether they want to go to live with Pippa. Justine has made up her mind; she doesn’t want to go. On the other hand, Tiegan would be happy to live with Pippa. Justine begs her to stay, while Tiegan pleads her to come! Justine points out that Sam may live with Pippa; Tiegan admits she hasn’t thought of it. As well as this, Justine says the baby would be crying all the time; she has lived with screaming babies.

Ian calls to Sam; Sam is very upset when Pippa is not here. He says that if she has something to say, she should be here. Ian tries to tell him that he has news that Pippa wishes he would come over.

Diana is up to something. Alf spots them and is suspicious; he fills Ailsa with his latest news of them. He is advised by Ailsa to keep his nose out of other people’s business. Later on, James and Chloe are in the Diner and are informed by Alf of Diana. They do not know Bob; Alf tells them he is a real estate agent. They draw some conclusions of what Diana may be up to but find it hard to believe.

Irene is at James’ with Chloe. She asks her about Diana, whom she refers to as ‘the woman who rides a broomstick’. Chloe says they are getting along fine and informs Irene that Diana has set up a trust fund for Olivia. Irene warns Chloe to be very careful. She wishes to seek advice from James, only he is not there. Just before she leaves, he returns from work. She pleads him to help her by giving something for Joey; Joey’s problem is a complicated one and there are no quick fixes. It is a long and slow process, he points out.

Irene returns home, and her first question to Will and Hayley is whether any disasters has happened. None happened so far; Joey has gone out. Irene is shocked – she asks him why did he not stop him. He points out that Joey could do anything, even as far as smashing their brains. Irene says Joey would never do this; he tells Irene that they won’t stay for long unless something is done about Joey. Joey walks along the beach and says hello to Alf. Alf then asks him how he’s doing. Joey asks him why should he ask that question. Alf pops into the Diner and cautions Ailsa about Joey.

Tiegan and Justine drop into the Diner. They notice Joey is sitting on one of the tables; for safety, they ask Ailsa of Joey’s behaviour. Ailsa suggests they ask him. Tiegan is being cautious so Ailsa points out that he is ill. She states that he needs friends right now and he should not be alienated. Alf agrees with her; Ailsa asks him why he has changed his tune. He says that Ailsa is right most of the time. Tiegan and Justine say hello to Joey and fill him with the latest news; he does not say much. A vision of Saul appears saying that he is wasting his time in the Diner. Joey talks back; to Justine and Tiegan’s surprise, he appears to be talking to himself. Joey leaves the table as he has to see his father. Believing she may be hearing things, Tiegan checks with Justine over his excuse. Justine has heard the same thing; they realise the extent of Joey’s mental health.

Hayley calls to see Sam and asks him whether she has a bad odour; her point is that he has avoided her and she asks him for the reason. Hayley points out to Sam that it is not his fault Brian died; he was a dumb idiot who should have had someone hold his legs. Sam says that he is that person who should have held his legs. Sam then tells Hayley the truth that he contacted Brian later that day to let him know he’d be going. He also states that he is the one who should be holding Brian’s legs, but he did not turn up. Hayley asks him why hasn’t he told her.

Travis and Rebecca are very disappointed with the news from Ian. They now find themselves backed into a corner. When Justine and Tiegan ask them would they be staying should they themselves decide to stay. Rebecca says they will, Travis asks Rebecca why has she told them this. Though they want to lead their own lives, they cannot wash their hands off them.

Irene gives Will and Hayley money for the cinema. Joey overhears their conversation. After they leave, she goes for a lie down on the couch. Saul tells Joey it’s his chance now. He holds a cushion over Irene; Saul advises him to hold it over Irene and not to let go of it – will he suffocate her…?

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