Episode 2556

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 1999

Ian announces Pippa’s not coming back. Joey’s seeing visions of his dead father. Joel is suspended from the police force. Justine and Tom’s night of passion doesn’t entirely go as planned.

Return episode, last seen in #2343. Visited briefly to offer the kids a new life with him and Pippa in the Carrington Ranges. Convinced Tiegan to leave.

Extended Summary

Inspector Carter has a chat with Joel; he says that Joel is now suspended, though it’s not a official suspension. Travis suggests to Joel they go away on the boat for a while. Though Joel likes the idea of going away with just Travis, he says that he wishes to see what happens on the home front first.

Hayley finds an old board and takes it home. She tells Irene she is going to do her painting. Irene jokingly tells her to make sure she covers the walls and the floor.

Joey is still seeing visions of Saul. He smashes Hayley’s new painting. Hayley comes home and discovers her new painting in pieces. Irene advises Joey to put the hammer down. Joey says that he had to destroy it because it was full of evil messages. Hayley tells him there were none; Irene slaps her gently on her shoulder to quieten her. She apologises to Joey that she did not know there were evil messages contained, and advises him to let her know before he wrecks anything else. He reluctantly agrees, before Irene persuades him to put the hammer on the table, which he does.

Tom and Justine are glad to have the van to themselves. Tiegan pops in and scares the hell out of them! She says that the caravan needs brightening up as it’s so bare. Justine agrees with her; she says to Tom that he should do something as there is no romance. Their relationship hits the rocks temporarily, when she asks him of his feelings for Terri. He clams up about his feelings, as it was a while ago. He says that she was with Vinnie at that time, so he could not do anything then. Justine finds it hard to believe that he does not know of his feelings. She says that he should be able to talk about them if he is over Terri. Justine leaves the caravan, being disappointed that they cannot talk about previous relationships. Tiegan asks Justine what is going on between them. Justine admits a Tom’s failure to communicate with her about his feelings for Terri. Tiegan points out to her that he is not like Vinnie; Tom does not chase girls.

Travis and Rebecca are informed that Ian is coming over. The Nashes get their hopes up; Justine and Tiegan are looking forward to seeing Pippa. Travis and Rebecca are relieved that Pippa may be coming back to Summer Bay. Justine and Tiegan talk about how great it would be if Pippa returns. Travis and Rebecca are looking forward to her return also.

Ian has now arrived; Natalie and Joel tell him that he can take their room. He says he’d be happier in a caravan; he is only on a flying visit and does not want to put anyone out. He lets Travis and Rebecca know of the good news of Pippa’s pregnancy. They are also informed that both him and Pippa have found a place and would like them to move there with Pip if they wish. Ian catches up with Tiegan and Justine on the beach to tell them of the news that both him and Pippa have found a nice place and would like them to stay with them…

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