Tom’s party ends in violence. James is devastated to find that Chloe is still in love with Lachie.


James leaves Chloe at the altar. Jesse steals Diana’s car. Tom and Terri settle their romantic differences.


Chloe and James finally tie the knot. Jesse ruins James and Chloe’s honeymoon. Fisher doesn’t want to reconcile with Marilyn.


Will’s father decides to fight for his children. Fisher tells Marilyn that he’s not sure their marriage has a future and offers Ellen a long-term job. Justine gets a babysitting job. Joey makes plans to leave Summer Bay.


Have Fisher and Marilyn finally reconciled? Will threatens to expose his father. Babysitting is easier than Justine thought.


Chloe and James’s honeymoon takes a turn for the worse in the bush. Will forces his father to reveal a shocking secret. Marilyn fears Fisher no longer wants her. Irene throws Joey a farewell party.


Hayley reveals she’s scared of her father. Will Chloe and James’s fight affect their marriage? Justine’s babysitting job goes horribly wrong. Joey leaves Summer Bay.


Is Ken ready for a commitment in Summer Bay? Justine is asked questions about the Collins baby’s fall. Jesse is blackmailed into stealing another car. Tom’s plans to leave school shock Terri.


Jesse risks being caught stealing a car. Duncan runs away after a fight with Alf. Tom has relationship problems when he decides to leave school.


Tom walks out on Terri. Jesse is caught stealing a car. Alf and Duncan’s relationship needs professional help.


Ken humiliates Will and Hayley. Marilyn finds support in James. Jesse is threatened over going to the police. Duncan returns home.

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Marilyn and Fisher reach an understanding. Will refuses to visit Ken in hospital. Things heat up between Jesse and Gypsy.

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Will tells Ken never to contact him and Hayley again. Ailsa brings in a mediator for Alf and Duncan. Justine’s babysitting job ends in tragedy. Gypsy plays footsy with Jesse.

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Justine is accused of child abuse. Duncan claims that Alf doesn’t love him. Sally is worried about Vinnie’s health.

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Vinnie confronts a delicate medical condition. The police question Justine. Terri catches Tom perving at the nudist beach. Alf and Duncan try to repair their relationship.

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Will Justine be charged with child abuse? Gypsy invites herself to dinner with Jesse. Fisher is horrified when a young man seeks out Marilyn. Tom defies his parents over a motorbike.

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Tom buys a motorbike. Guy reveals that he’s in love with Marilyn. Alf is convinced that Jesse and Natalie are having an affair. Justine is arrested for child abuse.

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Ken plans to straighten up. Justine is freed on bail. Sally and Vinnie find out about Jesse’s relationship with Gypsy. Vinnie is diagnosed with cancer.

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Will catches Irene kissing his father. Vinnie is admitted for surgery. Hayley makes a new friend. Chloe is having doubts about James.

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Irene feels guilty about kissing Ken. After his surgery, Vinnie calls for Justine – in Sally’s presence. Chloe is still not sure about her marriage. Hayley’s new friend catches Will’s eye.

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