Episode 2624

Australian Air Date: 27th May 1999

Will catches Irene kissing his father. Vinnie is admitted for surgery. Hayley makes a new friend. Chloe is having doubts about James.

First episode. David’s younger sister. Heather’s rejected ex-friend who teamed with Hayley for a Clean and Clear competition. Drew the affections of Will.
Snobby schoolgirl who asked Hayley to join her modelling.
Second appearance, last seen in #2412 credited as DR. KELLER. Operated on a forlorn Vinnie during his testicular cancer scare.

Extended Summary

Before leaving Ken drops by Irene’s place to thank her for all the help with the kids and for setting him on the right track about his drinking. Ken speaks with Will at school and insists that he hear him out. He tells Will that he’s going away to clean himself up and he’ll write about his progress – regardless if Will ever writes back. Will walks off without giving Ken any sign of encouragement. Before leaving, Ken thanks Irene for being so supportive and telling her she’s a ‘good’ sort; Ken gives Irene a goodbye kiss. As it turns passionate, Will walks in on them.

James tells Vinnie that he should go home, pack a night bag and return to the hospital. Back at home, Vinnie is in shock – he can’t believe that someone as fit as he could be hit with cancer. Vinnie swears Sally to secrecy about the surgery – not even Jesse is to know. Sally tells Vinnie she’ll be there for him whatever happens. At the hospital, James and the specialist, Dr Jacobs, run through the operation procedures and they explain that, once they remove the testicle, there is an excellent chance of recovery. He again asks Sally not to tell anyone – especially Jesse.

Suddenly Heather, a Year 10 student approaches and, begins to chat to Hayley. Later, Heather asks Hayley to be her partner in the Clean and Clear competition, a photo contest that features best friends using a skin cleansing product of the same name. Hayley is flattered, but Peta – Heather’s supposed best friend – accuses Hayley of stealing away Heather. As they were going to enter the Clean and Clear competition. Hayley explains that Heather invited her, not the other way around. Hayley confronts Heather and she admits to asking Hayley to be her partner to improve her chances of winning. Hayley tells Heather to stuff the competition. Soon after, Hayley convinces Peta to be her partner in the competition. Will teases Hayley about the competition and says she’s out of her league that she is not a supermodel.

Chloe confesses to Irene that things have been difficult with James since the Honeymoon. Chloe tells Irene that she wonders if she’s just some kind of trophy in James’s ‘competition’ with Lachie. She says she thinks she and James rushed into marriage. Irene says that things will work themselves out over time and that Chloe shouldn’t worry. Chloe drops by James’s surgery and suggests that they spend a romantic evening out at a restaurant.

Jenny Gray, 1999

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