Episode 2625

Australian Air Date: 28th May 1999
UK Air Date: 22nd July 1999

Hayley’s new friend, Peta, catches Will’s eye. After his surgery, Vinnie calls for Justine – in Sally’s presence. Irene feels guilty about kissing Ken.

Extended Summary

Irene and Ken break off their kiss and Irene tells Will that Ken is just leaving.

Will is very quiet, and goes to his room. Ken leaves. Irene tries to talk to Will, hoping to get some comment about the kiss and see if he is angry. During dinner, Hayley says she thinks Ken has a good chance of staying off alcohol this time. Will then breaks the news about the kiss. Jaws drop and Irene attempts to explain the kiss. Will jokes about it and appears cool about it. Will says that he wasn’t pleased but it is OK if Irene likes Ken. He trusts that Irene wouldn’t be stupid enough to get involved with Ken, unless he straightened himself out. He also says that, whether or not Ken cleans up his act, he and Hayley will still live with Irene.

At home, Sally cries and tells Jesse about Vinnie’s operation. Sally and Jesse arrive at the hospital and Vinnie is not pleased to see Jesse. Sally tells Vinnie this is the time when he needs his friends the most. Jesse gives Vinnie Rachel’s Gameboy. After the operation, Sally visits Vinnie, whilst still feeling the affects of the anaesthetic he asks for Justine.

At the diner, Chloe and James stop for a coffee after their ‘romantic’ dinner. Chloe is distracted. Alf comments that it’s nice to see a happy couple, still in the throes of their honeymoon. The next day Chloe stops at Irene’s house before work at the diner. Chloe explains that she feels guilty about not feeling strongly about James. She says she’s not as happy as he is. Irene tells Chloe to give herself some time.

Hayley and Peta arrive at Irene’s and Irene talks to them about the competition. Irene says she’d put her money on them winning, no question. Peta doubts whether they should enter the competition, but Hayley convinces Peta that she is pretty. That being, pretty isn’t the only issue – it’s also a competition to feature good friends. The next day, Peta and Hayley do makeovers on each other. Will seems to notice Peta even more, saying she looks ‘awesome’. Peta is pleased both about her appearance and her growing friendship with Hayley. Irene plays fashion photographer and photographs them on the beach.

Jenny Gray, 1999

Guest Cast