Episode 2626

Australian Air Date: 31st May 1999
UK Air Date: 23rd July 1999

Vinnie struggles to come to terms with his medical condition. Will strikes out with Hayley’s new friend. Gypsy tries to get romantic with Jesse.

Extended Summary

Will, Peta, Hayley and Sam go to the Diner. Sam and Hayley agree to share a milkshake as do Will and Peta. Will sees Gypsy at the diner and asks her if their relationship really is over without saying why. Will then asks Sam to get rid of Hayley so he can talk to Peta alone. Will and Peta go to the beach, Peta asks Will why he’s never even talked to her before now. Later, Peta tells Hayley that she likes Will a lot. However, Peta’s hopes are crushed when Hayley explains that Will stayed with her at the diner as a favour to Sam, who wanted time alone with Hayley. Hayley doesn’t realise that this is just a story Sam made up. Peta is upset and leaves without saying goodbye to Will. Will runs after her, he asks her out but she says that she’s busy and will be for a while. Will does not understand what’s caused her sudden change of mood towards him.

Gypsy comes over to Jesse’s for a little romance. Jesse is not really interested as he has a ‘friend’ in the hospital. Gypsy offers to look after Rachel so that he can visit the friend. Alone, Rachel reveals that Jesse’s ‘friend in the hospital’ is Vinnie. Gypsy goes to the hospital which horrifies Vinnie.

Sally asks Vinnie if he can recall what he said after the operation, but he’s still not fully awake. Sally then tells Jesse that she is hurt that Vinnie called out Justine’s name when he was coming out of the anaesthetic. Jesse advises her to ask Vinnie about it at a later date.

Vinnie feels like he is a freak because of the operation. When one of the nurses comes to dress his bandages, Vinnie tells her to leave him alone. Later, Vinnie’s specialist tells the V-man that it was definitely cancer and that removing the testicle was the only option.

The specialist is concerned with Vinnie reaction as Vinnie is finding it hard to cope with what has happened. The specialist tells Vinnie that his test results will be back in a few days, but Vinnie’s depressed and is not interested. James talks to Vinnie about his attitude to the nurses and tells him that he shouldn’t be worried about people finding out about his condition. Having discovered that Vinnie is in the hospital, Gypsy stops by his hospital room for a visit. She asks why Vinnie never told anyone that he was sick. Gypsy also wants to know what’s wrong – something that Vinnie doesn’t want known. When Sally and Jesse find out they race back to the hospital. Vinnie, upset that Gypsy has discovered his ‘secret’, tells Jesse to get out.

Jenny Gray, 1999

Guest Cast