The Fishers leave Summer Bay. Ailsa does nothing to save Alf from electrocution. The kids want to help raise money for Byron’s treatment. Justine plans to fight Diana’s proposed redevelopment of the caravan park.


Alf walks out on Ailsa. Gypsy confesses to stealing the car. Will Diana get her hands on the caravan park? Duncan devises a plan to keep the stolen money.


Will Carter press charges against Gypsy? Gary tricks Duncan out of the money. Alf nabs Harry in the act of a suspicious courier run.


Robert threatens to hurt Duncan if he doesn’t hand over the money. Vinnie is booked for a stripping gig. Jesse needs money – and fast. Alf buys the caravan park.


Will Duncan get the money in time to save Ailsa from Robert? Diana wants to go into partnership with Alf. Vinnie becomes a good samaritan for lonely women. Harry’s charm impresses Hayley.


Robert takes Duncan with him as a hostage. Hayley has a crush on Harry. Vinnie’s found his calling… Jesse borrows money from a loan shark.


Will Robert carry out his promise to kill Duncan? Vinnie tries his hand at marriage counselling. Hayley devises a plan to get close to Harry…


Will Joel save Robert from falling to his death? Gypsy is caught with Mitch. Irene and Hayley are both chasing men.


Joel has to prove himself innocent of hitting Robert. Gypsy wishes that Joel had killed Robert. Tom asks Justine to move in with him.


Gypsy earns herself the reputation of being the school’s resident bad girl. Fisher applies for leave from being Summer Bay High’s principal. Harry handles with care a school girl crush.


Colleen takes Fisher under her wing. Peta decides to take the plunge with Will. There’s a fire in the baitshop. Has James found a new girlfriend?


James has a new love interest. Alf accuses Jesse of being the arsonist. Justine tells Tom that she wants to be an actor.


Fisher begins to write a letter to Byron… Irene gets an invitation to fly to the UK from an old flame, Bill. Jesse’s under suspicion and their insurer refuses to pay out the bait shop’s claim. The Caravan Park consortium gets down to business.


Jesse is charged with starting the fire in the baitshop. Harry’s surf lessons ends in disaster James enjoys the chance to flirt again.


Sam injures his neck surfing. The Caravan Park Management Committee gets off to a bad start. An unexpected guest turns up to the Fisher household. Sam drops Fisher in it with the new school principal.


Tom’s birthday scratchy from Gypsy comes up a winner. Fisher sells his Streeton painting to fund Byron’s treatment – and mysteriously it’s returned. Sam’s prepared for emergency neck surgery. Peta and Will break up – over Gypsy.


Vinnie nearly drops the HSC after his ‘benefactor’ goes bust. Alf and Jesse nearly come to blows. Hayley has to make a choice between Sam and Mitch. Nat gives the winning scratchy back to Tom, much to Gypsy’s chagrin.


Alf nearly suffers a heart attack during an argument with Jesse. James considers leaving Summer Bay. Under Pressure from Sally, Vinnie takes his HSC, but performs shockingly. Hayley finally decides – to go out with Tom.


The Bait Shop arsonist is uncovered. Shauna worried that Harry has designs on her. Ms Acroyd tells Fisher to back off for both their sakes. Vinnie asks Sally if she is interested in Harry.


Harry can’t understand why Shauna is avoiding him. Is the hospital administrator scheming for James’ benefit? Fisher thinks there’s more to Edward than meets the eye. Peta and Gypsy get into a physical fight – over Will.

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