Episode 2746

Australian Air Date: 15th November 1999

Sally realises that Jesse’s involved with a hit-and-run. Rumours fly that Judith and Fisher are having an affair. Ailsa takes a stand against Edward.

Gorgeous mate of Gypsy’s who helped her spread gossip about Donald and Judith.
Picked on Vinnie as a crossing guard in a dream sequence.
Little boy who’s ice-cream spilling inspired Vinnie’s ambitions.
Simon’s mother who wished she could have a photograph taken.
Was spray painted by Vinnie in a dream sequence.

Extended Summary

Vinnie is moping around the house because he has nothing to do now that he’s finished school (again) and Sally has broken up with him after a long relationship.

Colleen overhears Donald and Judith talking about the night she stayed over.

Duncan wants to know what Peta and Edward are talking about and tries to be friendly.

Jesse gets mad at Rachel when she says she wants to see her friend at the hospital. It is the little girl that got hit by the stolen car that is in Jesse’s garage.

Duncan asks Edward about himself which gives him an idea.

Colleen tells Gypsy and Joel about Mr Fisher and Miss Ackroyd.

Vinnie looks at some of Sam’s photos and tells Mr Fisher how they “should’ve” been taken. Colleen agrees with Vinnie.

Duncan walks into the diner wearing a long black coat similar to what Edward wears. Alf complains to Judith about it.

Vinnie looks down the newspaper for a job and has visions for each ad. Then on the beach where he’s sitting, a woman with her son wishes she had a camera to capture the moment. Vinnie listens and the idea came straight to his head when she says “money”.

Gypsy’s friend writes stuff on the board about Mr Fisher and Miss Ackroyd and Mr Fisher walks in to find it. Later, he explains it to Judith.

Jesse calls the guy who gave him the car. Jesse tells him that he can’t repair it, and they both agree that they should get rid of it. Sally knocks at the garage door and Jesse covers the car up. When she comes in she wants to know why he was in such a bad mood with Rachel. She sees the car covered and demands to see under it because she has worked it out. When she lifts off the cover, she sees the damage on the front of the car. She leaves, telling him she’s going to report it to the police.

Trent Wursthorn, 1999

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