Episode 2747

Australian Air Date: 16th November 1999

Sally faces pressure not to lend Vinnie money. Jesse begs Sally not to turn him into the police. Gypsy admits to spreading the rumour about Judith and Fisher having an affair.

Joked with Gypsy about Donald’s absence.

Extended Summary

After Sally finds out Jesse’s got the stolen car in his garage, Jesse dumps the car behind some bushes and covers it up.

Donald blames Alf for spreading the rumours about him and Judith Ackroyd and they argue.

Sally asks Vinnie about the camera but he says digital cameras are too expensive for him to get.

Judith goes over to Donald’s house. All the rumours are getting on his nerves and he’s worried that Marilyn might find out. He gets on the phone to Marilyn and finds out that Byron is ill.

Ailsa talks to Edward about why Duncan is dressing like him. Edward gets mad because of this and the fact that people in the town can’t stop gossiping about his mum and Mr. Fisher.

Sally suggests to Jesse that he turns himself in but he doesn’t want to. Sally decides to not tell the police for Rachel’s sake.

Sally says Vinnie can borrow the money off her for the camera.

They guy who was giving Jesse the stolen cars turns up at his garage and when Jesse tells him he dumped it, the guy gets mad and says it’s his car. He was the one who nearly killed the little girl. They both just let it go, in hope that it will all blow over and no one will ever find the car.

Edward has a fight with Gypsy when he realises it was her spreading the rumours.

Vinnie talks to someone on the phone about a package deal on the camera. Sally says he should have a plan to repay the money she’s lending him.

Gypsy apologises to Miss Ackroyd about spreading the gossip. She says she was doing it to get back at her after she refused to let her be school captain. Miss Ackroyd explains to Gypsy that that’s exactly why she didn’t get chosen for school captain.

Trent Wursthorn, 1999

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