Episode 2748

Australian Air Date: 17th November 1999

Justine fights her jealousy over Tom’s lucky break into acting. Hayley and Mitch are spending a lot of time together? Harry arrives home to find a romantic dilemma.

Return appearance, last seen in #2693. Checked up on how Will was going with his grandson Ryan’s go-cart.

Extended Summary

Gypsy complains to her Mum about the school captaincy.

Jack, the guy who gave Will the go-kart to fix up, wants to know how it’s going. They go to the Caravan Park to check it out. Will doesn’t seem enthusiastic. Jack tells them there’s a competition in Yabbie Creek where they should try out the go-kart. When they need a name for it, Jack insists on “Ryan’s Revenge”, named after his son, whose go-kart it used to be.

There is news that Byron is a bit better. Judith tells Donald that Gypsy was the one who spread the rumour. He then has to apologise to Alf because he had blamed him for it.

James finds out that Harry is due back tomorrow. Shauna gets nervous.

Tom got $500 for the ad. This makes Justine upset because she was the one who wanted the job.

Will needs to work out who’s going to drive “Ryan’s Revenge”. The group decides it’s the person who has the fastest time.

Gypsy is angry because of Miss Ackroyd and Justine is angry because of Tom.

When Mitch and Hayley are talking, they realise Sam is going to get suspicious that Hayley really likes Mitch. Hayley is only going out with Sam for sympathy because of his broken neck.

Tom gets the racing course organised for Will and sets out the rules.

Shauna rings home to see if Harry has come back yet and he ends up being in the surf club with her. They are both really happy to see one another.

Mitch and Hayley kiss.

Harry tells James about the court case. The judge said it was ok for him to leave. After Shauna leaves, James gives Harry some messages and there was one from his fianc

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