Ash rescues Kat and discovers Charlotte may have been behind the attack. Josh finds it difficult to adjust to life at home. Matt overhears Asia and Oscar discussing their kiss.


Maddy ends her relationship with Oscar. Irene’s strong façade begins to crack. Hannah is drawn back into Andy’s orbit.


Will Oscar be found? Irene is heading down a dark path. Nate’s proposal is sabotaged again.


Matt and Maddy are forced to take refuge from a storm while out searching for Oscar. Ricky accidentally finds out that Nate is planning to propose. Irene gives in to temptation.


Matt and Maddy kiss after being forced to sleep in the car. Irene reveals her haunting secret to Leah. Oscar is washed up on the beach.


The storm uncovers Charlotte’s deadly secret. Maddy tells Matt that she likes him. Oscar is brought home after Billie finds him.


Phoebe breaks up with Ash. Josh tells Andy that he should have let him die. Kat breaks down and tells Ash she thinks Denny’s dead.


Olivia opens up to Hunter about her history. With the body positively identified, Kat tells a stunned Phoebe that Denny is dead. Charlotte retrieves Kat’s gun from it’s hiding spot after being questioned – what is she planning?


Kat tells the stricken MacGuires that Denny is dead and assures them that she will catch the killer. Billie covers for Irene when she realises that she has been drunk-driving, and is later reunited with Ash.


Ash assaults Charlotte and tries to make her admit framing Billie. Andy tells Hannah he wants her out of his life. Olivia and Hunter take their relationship to the next level. Charlotte tells Hunter the truth about Denny.


Evie tries to persuade Leah and Zac not to cancel the wedding. Nate is upset when he learns Ricky knew he was planning to propose all along.


Leah and Zac are finally wed. Charlotte threatens to reveal everyone’s secrets at the wedding ceremony. A drunken Irene slaps Chris when he tries to take her hip-flask away. Hannah admits she still has feelings for Andy.


Kat announces to the stunned wedding reception that Charlotte killed Denny. Hunter tells Olivia he has done something bad and is going to leave town. Late at night, Charlotte is gunned down by a mysterious assailant, leaving everybody in Summer Bay a suspect.

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