Leah makes amends with VJ and Zac, but Irene suspects she is still not herself. Kyle gets injured after the latest deal goes bad. Nate forges medical documents to get Ricky in to visit Brax.


Brax is filled in on Gunno’s threats to his family. Denny breaks up with Ash. Andy completes his personal training studies. Ash’s sister Billie arrives in the Bay.


Ash finds a way for Billie to stay in the Bay. Oscar is frustrated with Andy’s constant mentoring. Phoebe overhears that Kyle and Billie slept together.


Phoebe tries to cope with Kyle moving on. Matt returns and apologises to Josh and Evelyn.


Hannah is unsettled by Andy moving in. Leah breaks down. Jett reveals that he wants to join the army.


Alf won’t admit that he has a problem. Evie tries her hardest to get Maddy and Matt together. Billie wants more than Kyle wants to give.


Evie plays matchmaker with Matt and Maddy. Alf is in denial about his PTSD and takes it out on his loved ones. Ash finds out about Billie and Kyle.


Ash and Denny try to reassure Ricky that she will be a great mother. Hannah isn’t coping with Andy moving in. Jett announces to Marilyn that he wants to join the armed forces.


Nate and Kat cross swords a few times but eventually reconcile. Hannah and Andy work things out. Jett storms out after a failed family discussion about his hopes to join the armed forces.


Phoebe and the girls throw a surprise baby shower for a reluctant Ricky. Leah refuses to have surgery for her aneurysm, despite Nate’s recommendation.


Ricky goes into labour and Brax has no idea. Jett has second thoughts about joining the army after Marilyn’s heartfelt plea. Ash and Denny are forced to confront their awkwardness.


Ricky introduces her new baby boy. Ash and Denny finally talk and decide to give their relationship another chance. Phoebe and Kyle fight over Billie.


Leah’s outbursts are getting worse. Hannah lets her hair down and Andy catches her flirting with another guy. Phoebe tells Kyle it’s truly over between them and he needs to leave her alone.


Leah is hiding her latest outburst from Zac. Maddy believes she’s been betrayed by her friends. Kat believes Matt was involved in the theft of an ATM.


Matt is charged with theft as Leah & Nate argue over what’s best for him. Maddy reveals to Roo that she misses her old life without cancer. Evie & Josh work hard to mend their friendship with Maddy.


Matt struggles to come to grips with his crime. Alf rejects his therapy. Ricky returns home with her baby.


Ricky and Brax struggle with Brax’s incarceration. Alf agrees to more therapy after a successful session. Billie fails to seduce Kyle, then fights with Phoebe.


Billie makes peace with Phoebe. Kat and Nate realise they can’t turn off their professional obligations. Andy punches Oliver and ends his relationship with Hannah.


Andy and Hannah work through their issues. Maddy gets good news about her cancer. Oscar tries to hide his feelings for Maddy.


Maddy and Oscar are unaware they have feelings for each other. A disorientated Leah goes missing.