A desperate Charlotte crosses the line. Ricky sees a glimpse of her future with Nate – has she finally found the one? Is Olivia more interested in Hunter than VJ?


Charlotte’s world continues to unravel. Ricky learns the truth about Nate’s father. Whats behind Olivia’s random behaviour?


Charlotte lures Kyle into her dangerous game. Can Matt hide his true feelings from Maddy? Has an old car brought a fresh start for Ash?


Will Andy’s recklessness tear Hannah and Chris apart? Maddy deals with Matt’s shocking revelation.


Can Chris and Hannah forgive each other? Evelyn and Andy make a deal. Will Phoebe’s unique style win her a job?


Charlotte is angry with Irene after receiving an eviction notice. Evelyn and Andy struggle with Josh’s unresponsiveness. Olivia’s taken in for questioning over the vandalism of Charlotte’s apartment.


Kat interviews Olivia for the vandalism of Charlotte’s apartment. Hunter is kidnapped. Charlotte takes matters into her own hands.


Kat goes after Charlotte. Phoebe wonders why they haven’t heard more from Denny. Oscar accidentally finds out that Matt has feelings for Maddy.


Does Maddy have feelings for Matt too? Can Ricky tell Nate she’s found his father? Phoebe takes her new job jitters out on Ash.


Will Josh’s slow recovery tear the Bay apart? Can Nate give his father a second chance? Alf helps Roo get over James.


Ricky sees Gavin Cooper’s true colours. Evelyn struggles with Josh’s rejection. Andy puts his heart on the line but will Hannah admit her feelings too?


Nate learns the truth about his father. Will Kat connect Charlotte to Trystan’s death? Can Ash help Phoebe relax?


Will Charlotte’s cover story work? Everyone starts to worry about Olivia’s scars. Nate struggles to forgive his father.


Olivia reveals her shocking secret. Jett returns to the Bay – but what’s he keeping from John? Are Maddy’s feelings growing for Matt?


Olivia’s secret brings Irene’s painful memories back. Jett’s new girlfriend Skye arrives. Andy & Evelyn struggle with Josh’s heartbreaking situation. Can Hannah hide her true feelings for Andy?


Hunter covers for Charlotte. Jett and Skye go to John for help, confessing that she’s run away from her mother. Kat pursues Charlotte, convinced of her guilt.


Leah persuades Skye to go and see her mother with John and Jett. Nate makes a kind of peace with his father. Charlotte drugs Kat.


Matt humiliates Asia, who in turn shows up Maddy and Matt’s bad behaviour. Charlotte taunts a suspended Kat. A devastated Oscar kisses Asia.


Can Irene face her awful past? Maddy’s feelings grow. Who will Leah choose to join her bridal party?


Irene confronts her painful memories Will Nate’s proposal be ruined by a game changing Braxton secret? Can Hannah be honest with Chris?

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