Hannah hides her new relationship with Chris. Denny hosts a dinner in Casey’s memory.

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Matt is mean to Maddy to try and hide his feelings for her. Hunter hurts Leah by telling her that Zac is staying with him and Charlotte. Charlotte tries to kiss Zac.

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Marilyn gets a visit from a boy she used to nanny, who turns out to be…. Ed Sheeran! Zac and Leah get back together, but Hunter flies off the handle over the news. Andy finds out Hunter was the one who started the fire at Leah’s house.

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Andy decides to keep Charlotte’s secret about Hunter lighting the fire. Hannah opening reveals she’s with Chris and they become an official couple. Kyle and Ash call a truce on their fighting after Phoebe has a scare with the baby.

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Marilyn’s former actions may ruin her and John’s chances of fostering a baby. Hannah and Chris follow their dreams, encouraged by each other.

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Marilyn has given up on trying to foster another child. Charlotte tells Hunter to keep his mood swings under control.

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Marilyn’s life hangs in the balance. Hunter’s mistake forces Charlotte to make a heartbreaking decision. Is Evelyn ready to move on from Josh?

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Can Nate & Ricky keep their secret from Kat? Is Roo ready to take the next step with James?

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Kat explodes at Ricky after finding out the truth. Is Roo ready to take the next step with James? Phoebe takes a turn for the worse.

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Nate’s good intentions make things worse with Kat. Phoebe learns the heartbreaking truth about her pregnancy. Tragedy strikes when Denny discovers Charlotte’s secret.


Charlotte’s cover up goes haywire. Phoebe struggles with an impossible choice.


Marilyn comes back to John – but will things ever be the same again? Will Ricky continue to deny her feelings for Nate? Can Charlotte maintain her web of lies without being caught?


Marilyn has retrograde amnesia and remembers nothing after 1996. Evie and Tank kiss for the first time. Roo and James prepare to move in together, but Maddy is suspicious of James.


John tries to do what’s best for Marilyn, despite his own heartbreak. James breaks the news that time is running out for Marilyn to regain her memory. Evie and Tank kiss for the first time.


Phoebe and Kyle struggle to manage their pregnancy expectations. Has John lost Marilyn forever? Nate’s return to work brings him an unwelcome surprise.

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Phoebe’s grief pushes her to tell Kyle a harsh home truth. Has Roo made a big mistake by moving in with James?

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Will Kyle and Phoebe be able to forgive each other? Maddy’s first shift at Angelo’s goes awry. Charlotte takes desperate measures to cover her tracks.

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Will leaving hospital help Marilyn get her memory back? Can Charlotte ever escape her guilt over killing Denny? Evelyn takes her relationship to the next level.

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Will Marilyn get away with pretending to have her memory back? Is Evelyn’s new boyfriend too good to be true?

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Evelyn falls deeper for Tank but is he lying to her? Can Ricky prove she only wants to be friends with Nate? Ash moves in with Phoebe only to find he might have made a huge mistake.

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