Episode 6272

Australian Air Date: 1st September 2015
UK Air Date: 27th October 2015
Writer: Nick King
Director: Danny Raco

Hannah hides her new relationship with Chris. Denny hosts a dinner in Casey’s memory.

Extended Summary

Nate and Ricky wake up after their night together, and are soon interrupted when they hear Marilyn coming home with Casey. Nate hides in the bathroom as Ricky lets Marilyn into the flat, and stays there while Marilyn and Ricky chat. Ricky eventually manages to subtly pushes Marilyn to leave, but not before she’s spotted Nate’s shirt on the floor.

Nate, now free to come out of the bedroom, suggests they have breakfast at the diner, but Ricky wants him to go before anyone sees him. On his way out, Nate bumps into Zac, and tells him that he and Kat broke up.

John asks Denny how the previous day went, sympathising with how hard it must have been on the anniversary of Casey’s death. Denny is pleased that, at last, someone remembered, and John confesses that Jett called and wanted him to tell her. John says it’s not too late to do something to mark the occasion.

Things seem to be going well for Hannah and Chris. Hannah gets a cute text from Chris at breakfast and Kat jokes warmly about it. Later at the diner, Leah and Marilyn notice Chris getting lots of texts and looking happy, which they’re pleased to see.

Kat downplays her concerns about her first day back at work when Hannah asks her how she’s feeling, including downplayijng the fact she has to testify against the drug dealer who shot her.

Denny arrives, and asks whether Kat has told Hannah that the two of them are off to Europe. She asks them to be home later for drinner and drinks she’s organising in honour of Casey.

Zac also gets a call from Denny inviting them over for the dinner. He accepts for both himself and Leah. Roo picks up on some awkwardness between Zac and Leah, and asks if they are doing okay. Leah Leah assures her that they are, but when Zac later tries to surprise Leah with a picnic lunch, she turns him down as she’s made plans to work. Roo witnesses this second awkward exchange and supportively encourages Zac to keep trying after Leah’s gone.

Kat goes to pick up Josh and Andy for the trial, they invite Kat in to wait. As they return to the scene of the shooting, Kat starts to have flashbacks, and holds her chest. She goes outside, leaving Andy wanting to know what’s wrong. He offers to call Nate, so Kat confesses to him that they broke up.

Nate walks into the diner and tries to sit with Ricky, but she tells him she’s on her way out. They agree that they will see each other at Denny’s dinner, but it seems like Ricky is avoiding him. When she goes to pay, Marilyn offers to babysit anytime Ricky might want a sleepover and unsubtly makes eyes towards Nate. When Ricky looks blank, Marilyn tells Ricky that she saw Nate’s shirt at the flat that morning. Ricky is horrified and checks that Marilyn hasn’t told anyone. Marilyn asks if Ricky wants to talk about it, and later, back at home, Ricky tells Marilyn everything, and gets some genuine words of comfort back.

At Denny’s dinner, Kat mentions the good result at the trial to Josh and Andy. Kat goes to get a drink and there’s an awkward moment between her and Ricky, made worse when Nate arrives.

Denny makes a speech, and announces that she and Kat are going to Europe. Nate finds Kat alone and asks if she’s really going to Europe. They discuss the trial and Kat’s panic attacks. Nate urges Kat to stay where people care about her, rather than running away. He gives her a comforting hug, which Ricky happens to see.  Having reconsidered after her heart to heart with Nate, Kat later tells Denny that she’s not going to go to Europe with her, she doesn’t want to run away.

When Chris arrives, Hannah quietly asks him to pretend there’s nothing going on between them, to save Andy’s feelings. However, the pair later share a small intimate moment, which Andy sees. He later tells a surprised Hannah that he wishes her and Chris all the best. He leaves with Josh, and as soon as he’s gone Chris tries to kiss her but she stops him, saying she doesn’t want twenty questions from the girls.

Later on at the party, Nate tries to talk to Ricky but she tells him she’s leaving with John and Marilyn. He later goes round to see Ricky, asking why she’s been avoiding him all day. He wants them to be together but Ricky insists that it’s not going to happen.

Leah and Zac arrive home, and when Leah says she’s going straight to bed Zac asks to talk. He tells her that he’s making the effort but she’s holding back. Leah tells him that things have changed, no matter how hard they try. Later Leah sits at the table as Zac leaves, bags packed. As soon as he’s out the door, Leah breaks down, overwhelmed by sadness.

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