Episode 6273

Australian Air Date: 2nd September 2015
UK Air Date: 28th October 2015
Writer: Zokov Nyste
Director: Danny Raco

Matt is mean to Maddy to try and hide his feelings for her. Hunter hurts Leah by telling her that Zac is staying with him and Charlotte. Charlotte tries to kiss Zac.

Extended Summary

Zac is sleeping at the school after Leah broke things off. Charlotte finds him and is sympathetic when he’s forced to explain what happened. She offers him to crash at her place until he gets somewhere else sorted. Zac thinks it might be weird, until Charlotte insists that it’s just one friend offering a couch to another, and Zac gratefully accepts.

Leah tells Roo what happened between her and Zac, and that Zac has moved out. Leah insists that it’s for the best and doesn’t want to prolong the inevitable, but Roo is surprised that she’s giving up so easily, and rubs Leah up the wrong way when she tells her this.

Leah asks the teens to come straight home after school today, and keeps it vague when they ask why. Later, Leah and Zac break the news to VJ and Matt. VJ is angry, telling Leah he knew that she would stuff things up, and that they haven’t even tried! Matt blames Zac, claiming that he didn’t think about what spending so much time with Charlotte and Hunter would do to Leah. Oscar and Evie are just shocked, unsure what it will mean for them.

Once they’ve left, Zac gathers some of his things – enough to last a few days – but when Leah asks him where he’s staying, he’s intentionally vague and says it’s somewhere temporary, and that he’ll come back for the rest when he’s got somewhere more permanent.

Hunter is happy when Charlotte reveals that Zac will be staying with them for a few days. He quickly deduces that Leah and Zac must have broken up, and asks Charlotte if she’s happy, as it’s clear Zac still has a thing for her. Charlotte dismisses it – they’re just friends – but lets out a smile when Hunter leaves for the shop.

Leah finds VJ at the diner and asks if they can talk. VJ says that Leah is just doing what she did when Zac first proposed –running away before she has the chance to gets hurt. He thinks that she’s been looking for warning signs ever since they got engaged and she’s just running now because she’s scared. He leaves Leah thoughtful.

As Leah is still sitting there, Hunter arrives, telling her he’s heard what’s happened and hopes she’s okay. He seems genuine, but when she thanks him, he asks her what Zac likes to eat for breakfast. As her face falls, he reveals that Zac is staying with him and Charlotte – leaving Leah angry. She heads over there at dinner time confirms things for herself, and confronts Zac. How long did it take for him to run back to his ex? Charlotte insists she just offered a couch as he had nowhere else to go, but Leah storms out before Zac can explain.

Back at home, Leah explains to Roo what happened. Roo thinks that Leah may have left too quickly, but Leah believes she knows what’s going on. She asks Roo if she thinks Zac will do something with Charlotte, and Roo is adamant that nothing is going to happen – his feelings for Leah aren’t going to change over night!

At school, Matt is still in a bad mood as he tries to hide his feelings for Maddy. He picks at her and makes cruel remarks. Evie tries to get him to lay off, and Maddy can’t understand what his problem is. Later Evie asks Oscar and VJ if they know what’s up with Matt. Oscar thinks it’s just Matt being Matt, but VJ knows what’s really going on. He lkater privately tells Matt that he’s got to stop acting like such a weirdo around Maddy if he doesn’t want people to figure out why.

Later at the diner, the teenagers are talking about Zac & Leah. Maddy says that she thought they were on the rocks a bit lately, causing Matt to snap at her – how would she know, she isn’t even part of the family?! Maddy leaves, fed up of the way Matt is acting towards her, and Oscar follows her. Evie tells Matt that she knows what’s going on – she’s seen him act like this towards Sasha when he had a crush on her. When Matt admits that yes, he likes her, Evie tells him that he’d better just get over it. Matt baulks at the less-than-helpful words, but Evie tells him that he just has to accept the fact that Maddy and Oscar are happy together, and if he carries on acting the way he is, he’s going to lose them both as friends.

That night, Matt decides it’s time to talk to Maddy. He apologises for having been a tool recently, but when Maddy asks for an explanation, he gives her nothing. She tells him that they haven’t got to be friends just because they live together – and leaves Matt wondering if he’s messed things up for good.

Later, back at Charlotte’s apartment, the odd new household of Hunter, Zac and Charlotte are finishing dinner. Hunter apologises for telling Leah about him staying here but Zac says it’s fine. Hunter tells Charlotte that, after seeing Leah’s reaction, he thinks it was probably a bad idea for him to stay – he knows there would have been other options if he had kept looking. Charlotte asks why he didn’t look harder, so Zac admits that it’s nice having her and Hunter here. Zac smiles and Charlotte takes it as a moment, so leans in to kiss him. Zac pulls back – what is she doing?!

Guest Cast

CHARLOTTE KING (Erika Heynatz)

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