Matt is left heartbroken as Sasha leaves the Bay. Kat’s hot and cold behaviour confuses Nate.


Ash tells Brax that he’s seeing Denny. Andy’s pride may put the gym in jeopardy.


Maddy receives devastating news about her chemotherapy. Andy takes a big step in tackling his reading issues.


Josh becomes Phoebe’s new project. Matt’s world unravels without Sasha. Zac agrees to let VJ live with his gran, just as Leah wakes up.


Leah’s awake but Zac feels guilty about giving up on her. Will Maddy turn up to the Colour Run or will it all be for nothing? Brax is attacked while in gaol.


Maddy decides she’s going to fight her cancer again. Brax gets injured and lands in solitary. Kyle has a surprise for Phoebe.


Ash and Denny decide to take their relationship to the next level. Just as things heat up between Kat and Nate, Kat pulls away. Hannah is finally able to stand.


Denny freaks out after sleeping with Ash. Matt resurfaces but won’t talk to anyone. Leah’s struggling being back at home.


Leah is struggling with being home. John has an idea to celebrate Anzac Day. Evie tries to help Matt, but he crosses a line.


Matt continues to drown his sorrows despite the repercussions. John pulls out all the stops to organise a local ANZAC Memorial. Alf finds to his dismay that ANZAC Day is not considered important by the younger generation. Kyle and Ash try to hide Brax’s solitary confinement from Ricky.


Kyle and Phoebe realise they want completely different lives but want to be together. Roo and Marilyn try to help Alf as he struggles with his anger over dismissive ANZAC Day attitudes. Nate doesn’t understand why Kat broke up with him. Ash tells Ricky who Gunno is and that he’s inside for murder.


Leah is going stir crazy resting up so takes on a Diner shift, but it could be detrimental to her health. Kat and Nate manage to make tenuous peace. Andy does his practical personal training assessment.


Spencer finally comes round to going with Chris to see their father in hospital. Hannah uses an unorthodox method to help Andy with his studies. The school excursion arrives in Canberra.


Maddy finally tells her mother that she has cancer. Alf experiences disturbing flashbacks on the Canberra excursion.


After a night on the recreated battlefield, Alf collapses. Maddy has to decide whether to move back home with her mum or stay in Summer Bay. Will Ash get involved with Gunno’s drug smuggling to save Brax? Leah and Nate confide in each other about residual feelings over the bus crash.


Jett visits Alf in hospital and meets another war veteran. Maddy decides she can’t leave the Bay or her adopted family. Ash gets dumped with a bag full of cash.


Phoebe and Kyle fail to get along post break up. Alf is deeply affected by seeing a fellow veteran pass away. Ash gears up to do the job for Gunno, only to have Kyle take his place.


Jett rallies the teens together. Spencer makes a big decision about his future. Kat decides its time to tell Nate what she really wants. Roo is determined that Alf will be there for ANZAC day.


The teens put on an ANZAC Day dawn service for Alf and the Summer Bay residents. Spencer says his goodbyes before leaving the Bay for good. Matt disappears.


Ash tries to persuade Billie to stay in Summer Bay. Josh and Evie search for Matt who’s done a runner. Maddy persuades Roo to go to the city to be with Alf in hospital.

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