Jett says his final goodbyes and leaves Summer Bay. Maddy finds out about Matt’s affair with Charlotte. Billie traps Nate with a fake assault claim.


Ricky seems reluctant to spend time with her son. Nate is arrested for attacking Billie.


Ricky leaves Summer Bay, leaving Casey in the care of Marilyn. Nate pushes Kat away as he struggles to cope with the assault charges. Marilyn and John miss Jett, but find a new outlet for their love with baby Casey.


Chris realises Nate is innocent. Kyle, Ash and Phoebe search for Ricky. Marilyn and John look after baby Casey.


Chris traps Billie by wearing a wire. Ricky admits that she’s relieved Brax is dead and it causes Kyle to lash out. Ash and Phoebe nearly kiss and Denny sees it.


Kyle breaks up with Phoebe and she quickly hooks up with Ash. Charlotte threatens Maddy not to reveal her and Matt’s secret liaison. Marilyn and John decide to consider fostering again.


Charlotte ends her tryst with Matt, much to his disappointment. Oscar and Evie move in with Zac and Leah to give Hannah a change.


Leah and Zac’s house is too full so Nate moves into Irene’s. Andy covers for Charlotte and Matt. Roo is offered a job lecturing, but will she take it?


Matt threatens to use the racy photos of Charlotte against her. Billie is not coping with becoming the town pariah. Leah’s house is on fire!


Billie saves Zac, Oscar and Matt from the burning house but suffers a bad injury. Kat tells Leah and Zac that the house fire was deliberately set.


Ash rushes to the hospital to see Billie. Leah and Zac try to support each other after their house has burned down. Kyle struggles with seeing Phoebe and Ash together.


Phoebe and Ash try to deal with the fallout of their relationship. Roo embarrasses herself teaching her first lecture.


Ricky has the naming ceremony for Casey. Kyle tries to leave Summer Bay without telling Phoebe.


Billie threatens to reveal to Ricky that Brax is still alive. Charlotte and Andy decide to make their “fake relationship a real one. Hannah invites Kat and Phoebe to move in with her and Denny.


Andy finds a baby photo in Charlotte’s wallet. The search for Billie is on.


Leah and Zac struggle financially after finding out their house wasn’t insured. Oscar and VJ pitch in to help with the dire finances.


Irene reluctantly organises the paperwork for Leah to sell her share of the Diner. Zac applies for a high interest loan, desperate to support Leah and their family.


Roo goes on a terrible date with James. Zac lies to Leah about getting a loan. Josh gives in to temptation and buys drugs to help him study.


Zac doesn’t get the principal’s job, forcing him to cancel the loan and borrow from Charlotte. Leah loses her job. Josh is knocked down the stairs by a mysterious intruder and left unconscious.


Charlotte lends Zac $20,000. Evie and Josh make up after he promises not to do drugs. VJ chases the intruder and finds their family photo in their backpack.

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