Ash struggles with the possibility of being a dad. Chris and Hannah’s friendship grows. Kyle wakes up from life support – will Phoebe tell him about her pregnancy?


Phoebe struggles with her decision over whether to keep the baby. Marilyn thinks Chris and Hannah would make a good couple. Kyle collapses – will someone find him in time?


Kyle is back in hospital and Nate feels responsible. Hannah misinterprets Chris’s intentions. Hunter is stalking Zac.


Zac meets someone that will turn his world upside down. VJ and the teens suspect Hunter was the one who broke into their house. Leah questions Charlotte’s real motive for being in the Bay.


Leah tries to connect with Hunter but fails. Maddy gives her seal of approval to Roo’s new boyfriend. Josh starts using drugs again.


Nate comes clean to Kat about Kyle. Kyle takes a turn for the worse. Evie breaks up with Josh over his drug use.


The siege continues between Damo and Josh.


Someone is shot during the siege. Zac accidentally misses VJ’s tryouts while he spends time with Charlotte and Hunter.


Hunters rubbing everyone the wrong way and Zac’s oblivious. Chris ropes Hannah in to be his “fake date” for the Surf Club sponsor drinks.


Chris and Hannah pull off their fake relationship. Oscar finds out he doesn’t know Maddy as well as he thought after they do a “Soulmates” quiz. Hunter’s behaviour puts a real strain on Zac and Leah’s relationship. Leah asks Charlotte for a paternity test.


Chris remains upset with John’s comments. Evie pulls off a peacemaking family lunch, despite VJ and Hunter’s issues with each other. Leah and Evie have a near miss when the car brakes fail, but was it sabotage?

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Leah tells Zac that she wants nothing to do with Hunter. Hannah draws an unhappy Chris out of himself. Josh gets expelled from Summer Bay High.

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Josh takes his anger out on Andy. Irene’s date with Greg ends up being a disaster.

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Ash struggles with the reality of the baby after Phoebe’s first ultrasound. Nate comes clean over his negligence in treating Kyle and gets reported to the medical board. Kyle’s condition worsens and his only option to live is a kidney transplant.

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James and Roo say I love you for the first time. Denny finds out a shocking truth about Brax. Ash decides to donate a kidney to Kyle.

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Ricky confesses to Denny that she does have feelings for Nate. Denny decides to keep Ash’s secret about Brax. Ash and Kyle go into surgery for the kidney transplant

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Charlotte admits to Andy that she still loves Zac. Leah and Zac’s relationship is at breaking point because of Hunter. Phoebe admits to Ricky she believes Kyle would be the better father

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John and Marilyn have the worst luck with their DOCS meeting. Leah makes a decision about her future with Zac. Josh tries to reach out to Evie but she thinks they should keep their distance.

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Leah and Zac get back together. Oscar, Matt and Maddy try unsuccessfully to get Evie and Josh back together. Denny makes Hannah realise that she likes Chris, but he’s oblivious.

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Matt can’t stop thinking about Maddy. Hannah kisses Chris. Nate and Kat break up.

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