Cassie Howarth

Episode 6270

Australian Air Date: 27th August 2015
UK Air Date: 23rd October 2015
Writer: Holly Lyons
Director: Julie Money

Matt can’t stop thinking about Maddy. Hannah kisses Chris. Nate and Kat break up.

Extended Summary

Oscar, Matt and Maddy clear up after their matchmaking plan failed. Oscar asks if they’re heading back to the party but a distracted Matt decides not to go. Maddy suggests to Oscar that they just go home, whispering in his ear and they bound out happily, leaving Matt alone with his conflict. Later, Roo walks in on Oscar and Maddy kissing on the couch, and Oscar rushes off to bed.

Later, Oscar and Maddy think they have the house to themselves again, but just as they start kissing VJ and Roo walk in. The couple go outside and talk about having nowhere private to go now they have a full house. Oscar goes and asks Matt if they can use his van. Matt says yes but clearly isn’t comfortable.

Back at the party, Chris finds Hannah about to leave and tries to persuade her to stay. He then goes on to ask her about the girl he’s hooked up with, not realising how uncomfortable it’s making her.

Later, in the diner, Chris tells Hannah the party wasn’t the same without her, and just as she’s charmed he starts to ask her advice about the date he’s going on tonight. Hannah’s face falls and she ends up telling him she doesn’t care and walking out. Back home, Chris tells Nate about Hannah’s reaction and tries to work out what he did wrong. Nate tells Chris that he has to talk to Hannah.

Chris sees Hannah on the pier and asks if he’s upset her. He keeps throwing possible reasons at her and as she keeps denying them she suddenly kisses him. They sit and talk, Chris doesn’t know how to feel, saying he’s never thought of her that way, that she’s out of his league. Chris says he should probably cancel his date and they end up kissing again.

VJ finds Matt at the diner and tries to suss out what’s bugging him. He quickly works out that it’s a girl but Matt won’t tell him who. That night, Matt wakes from a sensual dream about Maddy, all too aware of the problems he faces… The following day, VJ finds Matt alone in the diner again and probes him about the mystery girl. Matt ends up confessing it’s Maddy.

Elsewhere, Nate and Kat arrive back in Summer Bay after a few days away. Kat wants him to stay over but he makes an excuse to go.

Later, Hannah finds Kat home, sitting in the dark. Kat sidesteps Hannah’s questions about her and Nate and after a few questions, gets Hannah talking about having feelings for Chris. However, the next morning, Hannah gets Kat to confesses that the trip hasn’t really made any difference with her and Nate, and that they didn’t talk about anything.

Afterwards, Kat finds Nate coming in from a paddle, and asks him if it’s time they stopped pretending they don’t have a problem. Nate suggests they go for a walk. They talk and come to the conclusion that their relationship is broken, despite the love they feel for each other. Nate walks away, leaving Kat standing alone.

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