Episode 6269

Australian Air Date: 27th August 2015
UK Air Date: 22nd October 2015
Writer: Alexandra Cullen
Director: Julie Money

Leah and Zac get back together. Oscar, Matt and Maddy try unsuccessfully to get Evie and Josh back together. Denny makes Hannah realise that she likes Chris, but he’s oblivious.

Extended Summary

Zack tries to change Leah’s mind about breaking off their engagement. Leah says that, while she isn’t happy about it, she doesn’t think they would work out in the long run. He continues to try and talk Leah round, but she’s sure she’s made the right decision, even saying they’ll talk to the kids later.

VJ overhears them and gets mad at Leah, questioning who she’s doing the ‘right thing’ for. Meanwhile Zac has told Alf, who offers to cancel his trip to the Whitsundays, but Leah and Zac say he has to go. Alf and VJ talk, and VJ tells Alf that he’s never seen Leah so happy as when she’s with Zac. Alf advises VJ not to give up on his mum, and to try talking to her.

Later, VJ works his magic on Leah and Zac, saying they have a good family asks them to work things out. Once they’re alone, Leah tells him she wanted to grow old with him but that his ex and son weren’t in the picture then. Zac tells Leah that he loves her and will always do right by them and they decide to give things another go, sealed with a kiss. Later they sit with VJ, who’s happy they’re back together. Zac puts Leah’s engagement ring back on her finger.

Chris asks Marilyn to cover his shift as he’s having a house party while Irene’s away in London. He assures Marilyn that Hannah can ensure the party stays under control. Later, Chris shows Hannah and Denny his party flyer and Denny watches as Hannah and Chris bounce off each other, saying they make a cute party planning couple.

Oscar tries to encourage Evie to go to the beach with him and the gang, but Evie says she’s steering clear of Josh. Afterwards, Oscar fills Maddy and Matt in on what Evie said about her and Josh. They hatch a plan to get Evie and Josh back together. Josh arrives and they tell him about Chris’s party, saying the Evie isn’t going.

Later, Hannah and Denny arrive at the party, with Denny remarking on how much effort Hannah has gone to, making the point that she likes Chris. Matt arrives with Evie who immediately spots Josh and tries to leave. Matt encourages her saying he’ll be her buffer for the night. When Josh sees Evie they are awkward, both having been led to believe that the other wouldn’t be there.

As the party progresses, Denny accuses Hannah of being jealous as they watch Chris chatting up a girl. Josh asks to talk to Evie but she shuts him down. Matt leaves and tells Evie to stay when she tries to follow him, and then Oscar leaves, leaving Evie with Josh. When Oscar returns, he finds them in the middle of a full blown argument, and they both leave, scuppering the matchmaking plans.

Chris talks about the girl that he’s pulled, but promises to still dance with Hannah later, and goes to find her. Denny pushes Hannah to admit that she likes Chris, and Hannah begins to realises that she does like him, much to her own surprise. Later Denny tells Hannah how awesome she is and how much Chris would love to have a girlfriend like her. Despite some reluctance, Hannah gets up and strides towards Chris, only to find him locked in a kiss with the girl from earlier.

Things start to intensify between Matt and Maddy. Matt lifts Maddy to help her put some fairy lights up and they lose their balance, falling together with Maddy landing on top of Matt. Maddy laughs it off, but it looks like Matt is starting to look at Maddy in a different way…

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