Shane Withington

Episode 6268

Australian Air Date: 26th August 2015
UK Air Date: 21st October 2015
Writer: Brooke Wilson
Director: Julie Money

John and Marilyn have the worst luck with their DOCS meeting. Leah makes a decision about her future with Zac. Josh tries to reach out to Evie but she thinks they should keep their distance.

Extended Summary

Alf offers Zac the chance to talk over what’s happening between him and Leah. Alf reveals to him that Leah was quite upset last night over Hunter, but Zac gets defensive, telling him that all he wants todo is get to know his son. Later, Alf chats to Charlotte – he hopes he isn’t overstepping the mark, but asks that Charlotte makes sure Hunter really is trying to make this situation easier for Leah. Charlotte agrees to talk to him.

Later, Zac comes across Charlotte crying. She tries to hide it, but soon admits that it’s her father’s birthday – the first one since he passed away. She tells Zac how her father used to take Hunter on a special fishing trip each year on this day, and how much Hunter used to always look forward to it. Zac offers to check on Hunter but Charlotte says no; she doesn’t want to upset Leah any more. When Zac questions what she means, Charlotte admits that Alf talked to her.

Zac storms home and tells Leah he doesn’t appreciate the whole town knowing their business, and tells her that Alf has spoken to both him and Charlotte. Leah is in shock that Alf would do such a thing – can she not even confide in him any more? She says Hunter has issues and advises Zac to stop burying his head in the sand and address it like a real father.

Later, Zac shows up at Charlotte’s and asks if they’d like to go fishing. At the Pier, the threesome attempt to fish, but Hunter eventually admits that fishing is boring; he only put up with it before to spend time with his grandad. They all laugh and Zac suggests they start a new family tradition. However, as they chat, Leah sees them from afar, looking like a happy family.

Leah and Zac break up, and Leah leaves her engagement ring on the table

Leah and Zac break up, and Leah leaves her engagement ring on the table

Later, Leah mentions she saw him on the pier. Zac goes to explain, but Leah tells him he doesn’t need an excuse to see his son, but admits that seeing the three of them as a family is killing her. Zac tries to reason that he’s not choosing Hunter over Leah. However, Leah says she’s going to choose for him. She takes off her engagement ring and puts it on the table, walking out.

Josh receives some external HSC course brochures in the mail, and asks Evie if she sent them, thinking it might be an olive branch. She knows nothing about it, and when he asks her if he can chat to her over a coffee, she says no and quickly leaves, much to Josh’s disappointment. Back at home, Josh confides in Andy that Evie can’t stand the sight of him. Josh knows he messed things up with her big time.

Andy decides to go to Evie and try to convince her that Josh is really struggling with this essay he has to write. He’s not asking Evie to forgive Josh or get back with him, but says Josh could really use a friend. Shortly after, Evie turns up to the share house and offers to help Josh with his essay.

After she helps him, Josh He suggests they get dinner, testing the waters, but reiterates that she only came over to help him as a friend. Maybe from now on they should just keep their distance. As she leaves, Josh is gutted.

At John’s interview with Greg, he immediately turns on the charm but Snelgrove isn’t moved. He starts firing questions at John, not giving him anytime to answer, and John gets flustered. After a while, John points out that anyone would think Greg was making this difficult for John on purpose, and tells him that maybe next time he will think twice about ruining somone’s date.

John realises this whole thing is because Greg still has his nose out of joint for his failure of a date with Irene. The argument gets heated and Greg stands to go but John says the meeting isn’t finished yet! Greg and John end up in a high-school tussle just as a woman walks into the house. John asks, who are you? It’s the DOCS case worker.

At the Diner, Greg tells Marilyn what happened, and when Marilyn apologises for John, Greg insists he was just as much to blame. He mentions that the DOCS lady arrived, causing Marilyn to panic. As Marilyn runs out, Alf explains to Greg the importance of the visitor and how much being foster parents means to John and Marilyn. Marilyn arrives home, profusely apologising to the DOCS case worker who’s not at all impressed. Marilyn’s ready to answer any questions but the case worker says she has to go. Marilyn asks if they can reschedule, seeing as they didn’t get to talk much, but the case worker thinks she’s seen enough already. As she leaves, John looks over at Marilyn and neither have high hopes about the outcome.

However, later, John gets a call – DOCS are willing to reschedule after all. Marilyn wonders why they changed changed their mind – Alf, who’s overheard, thinks he might know why. John asks Greg, who admits he has a few contacts in DOCS and they put him in touch with John and Marilyn’s case worker. Greg says once he realised their little spat may have ruined John and Marilyn’s chances to be foster parents, Greg decided he better rectify things. John is very grateful and offers to buy Greg a beer.